Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catching Up

Last spring Auntie Berman gave Lulu texturized hair and did a great job.

At the Bunch O'Hair Salon
The back
It still needs a little touch-up either with a Magic Marker or a paintbrush, but she is very pleased with it. Months later, I finally got around to making her the dress I had been promising her.

New dress
The material came from a pillow sham and it was rather slippery fabric. Next time I will use cotton.

I thought my Monster Girl collection was complete, but then I found HER at work!

Clawdeen and Alienna
Her ears intrigued me. I didn't know who she was but to my amazement, Terri the supervisor who claims to not like dolls, knew who she was. "That's Howleen's sister," she said, as I stared at her in surprise. She looked embarrassed and explained quickly that her son watches Monster High on TV.

I had two more finds at Salvation Army Warehouse. First Hawaiian Girl, a rather pitiful attempt at dolliness. She is made of really cheap plastic and her hair was falling out but I felt so sorry for her that I had to get her.

In her native costume.
I also found a Vogue Ginny Doll and felt compelled to get her although I'm not really fond of Ginny dolls. Mrs. Smith didn't want her at first but then realized she did, so Ginny now lives with her.

When Hawaiian Girl's hair really started falling out, I pulled it all out, removed her sewn-on grass skirt, and gave her another Hawaiian dress I had.

Ginny, Lorraine, Lulu, Hawaiian Girl
I tried a little wig on her and although it's still too big, she looks pretty cute in it.

The new Hawaiian Girl
The Monster High story continues. Monday I found, hanging on the toy wall in plain sight, Deuce Gorgon! He had been there for three days but I think no one wanted him because his right lower arm is missing.
Neither one looks too happy.
I think Monster dolls don't mind missing body parts. They can tell the others they were part of a Mad Scientist's experiment.

Deuce meets the girls.
Deuce meets the guys.
As you can see, Nigel's head is off again. I dropped him and the cork broke. It's on my To Do list . . .

In closing, I want to ask did anyone else notice the resemblance?

I tried to put the photos side by side but couldn't figure it out. Of course Ceddie will always be his Mother's Little Prince.