Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Ours!

I got off work early tonight, due to slowness (the store's slowness, not mine) and Auntie Berman and I went over to see the owner of the House. He is a very nice man named Johnie and he built the house himself many years ago. He built it as a sort of birdhouse (he said once he looked outside and a raccoon was poking its head out the window). It doesn't open but I think we can take the back off to get access. Also, he said the missing dormer is inside the house along with other parts.

I just have to put the picture in again. Soon I'll have dozens of them.

When I first asked him if he would sell it, he said he wasn't sure if he would because he'd had it a long time. Auntie Berman told him how we had both been out of work for a couple of years until recently and they hadn't been able to get me a birthday present and I really liked the house and needed it for my dolls. Johnie said he'd sell it for $30. I looked at Auntie Berman, thinking she would start haggling with him, because she does like to bargain. But we both knew we would never get anything like for that price. Then Johnie said he'd take payments and that cinched the deal. We gave him the $10 we had brought along. He invited us in and we met his roommate as well as his dog Sophi, a white Chihuahua and Auntie Berman said she had a large black dog named Sophie, and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, except I seem to have misplaced the paper he gave me. I remember excitedly folding it up and putting it Somewhere. (I found it--I had carefully stuck it in my purse.)

Now we just have to get HLP to go over there and figure out how to take it down.

The Graysons excitedly discuss their new house

We Still Don't Know

Someone neglected his duties and didn't go check on the house, so now I will have to wait until Saturday and go myself.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dr. Grayson Went House Hunting

A few days ago we were driving through the Other Side of the Park when I saw the Perfect House for the Graysons. It looked like it was perched in the trees.

Today we went back, Dr. Grayson in hand, and I knocked on the door (of the trailer it was next to, not the doll house itself, because it doesn't actually have a door). A small dog barked inside. I turned around and put Dr. Grayson in the doorway to make sure he would fit. It was a perfect fit. I knocked again, and the dog barked again (not incessantly, to give him credit). No answer. I examined the house more closely. It is mounted on a pedestal between two trees. It's full of leaves and, as you can see, is definitely a fixer-upper. I wonder if they used it as a bird house.

It could be a haunted house.

One dormer is missing but it could be Dr. Grayson's laboratory where a little Accident happened. Or maybe I could rebuild it with popsicle sticks. Or foamcore. Or something.

Later this evening Mrs. Smith and Indian Wayne and I walked the dogs over there. Mrs. Smith suggested it and I think she thought Indian Wayne wouldn't want to go, but he did because he really likes her and she doesn't like him. Or so she says. Anyway, we went over and this time a rumpled looking man answered the door. I think I woke him up. I asked if he would consider selling the doll house. He said it wasn't his but he would ask the man it belonged to. I said when should I come back and he said tomorrow evening.

I will be working tomorrow evening but HLP said he would go. I am counting on his great charm to get it for me.

Meanwhile, we have another addition to the family. I found her at work and got her for only 27 cents.

We thought at first she might be a Loving Family doll, but she's not. She has LCB Made in China on the bottom of her shoe and a number on her thigh. So far I haven't found anything like her on the internet. She has movable arms, legs, and waist, and jointed knees. Her hair is molded vinyl on top and then there's a ponytail of "real" hair coming out the back. Her shirt is molded vinyl but the skirt is fabric.

Dr. Grayson introduces himself.
Well, I'll let you know . . .

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grayson Family News

The big news is: Mrs. Grayson had a baby! It was pretty much a surprise to everyone, including Mrs. Grayson.

Beatrice rocks her new baby, who is wrapped in English lace. Ballerina girl has been playing lullabies.
The baby is rather large but we think it's because Dr. Grayson has been Experimenting again. Fortunately he did it after the baby was born.

Dr. Grayson was finally successful in one of his Time Travel Experiments and brought back Tiffany from the future.

Tiffany admires the new baby.
Tiffany is a mini Liv doll (she is Sophie) from McDonald's Happy Meals. We found her at St. Vincent's. She has plastic built-in clothes, a non-removable hat, and glass eyes. The mini Livs were available in July but we rarely eat at McDonald's and so hadn't known about them. Auntie Berman found a lovely flouncy skirt that fit her (it only had to be cut down a little and new velcro added) and I found the long, fur-trimmed vest for her at work.

Tiffany shows off her new clothes.
Tiffany is slightly larger in proportion to the Graysons, but she wanted to live with them instead of at Wayfarers Inn, where she is much smaller and would be thought of as a child.

Tiffany poses with the Graysons.
Meanwhile, I had promised Mrs. Grayson a new dress and she got one. First I tried doing set-in sleeves and that was a dismal failure. So I made her a tunic top with lace (from England!) at the neck and velcro at the sides

and then made a skirt to go over it. Much easier and more practical. I might even be willing to make her more outfits now that I know how to do it.

The Grayson family.
I thought we had a new home for the Graysons when I found this at work.

I couldn't tell what all was in it, but for $5.00 I thought it was worth a try. Alas, the makings of the house itself were gone but there is wooden punch-out furniture and shingles and Auntie Berman thinks we can make a house out of foamcore. I started looking up Greenleaf houses and found one I really want for slightly less than $1,000. Dollhouse

The Graysons do have a slightly larger room than they used to, thanks to Auntie Berman. One of these days they will have their mansion.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Wonderful Present for G.I. Joe/Kyle

My friend from sent me a wonderful jumper she had made for her Chloe, who refused to wear it, although it's very nice. I gave it to G.I. Joe to start with, and Kyle was very jealous, although he pretended he wasn't. It all started when they were having a picnic.

"A jumper?" sneered Kyle. "A jumper is a girl's dress. You're a sissy la-la." And he shoved Joe in the chest.
I love the term "sissy la-la." I learned it from Mrs. Smith, who often calls my dog Wellington that. (He really isn't. He just doesn't like noises like fireworks and thunder and gunshots. He's very brave when he threatens the Pomeranians on the other side of the fence. Wellie weighs 55 pounds and they are maybe 15 pounds put together.)

Anyway, the boys got into it. I insisted they remove their jumpers/sweaters so nothing got torn.

"I'll show you who's a sissy la-la!" said Joe. "Take that!"
Joe knows a few karate moves and he has the advantage that his arms and wrists bend.

"Bobbie," said Sabra. "Will you pass me another piece of cake?:
But Kyle fought back with all his might.

"Sabra," said Bobbie, "Why are boys so silly?"
After scuffling for half an hour, the guys got it out of their systems.

"Thanks for letting me wear your jumper," said Kyle.

It's unfortunate that I forgot to show Kyle's black eye when they were shaking hands. By the time I'd realized, I had already washed his face.

I would like to thank Auntie Berman for the nice makeup job she did on Kyle.

"Kyle," said Bobbie, "I think your black eye makes you look very manly."