Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Wonderful Present for G.I. Joe/Kyle

My friend from http://smallsewing.blogspot.com/ sent me a wonderful jumper she had made for her Chloe, who refused to wear it, although it's very nice. I gave it to G.I. Joe to start with, and Kyle was very jealous, although he pretended he wasn't. It all started when they were having a picnic.

"A jumper?" sneered Kyle. "A jumper is a girl's dress. You're a sissy la-la." And he shoved Joe in the chest.
I love the term "sissy la-la." I learned it from Mrs. Smith, who often calls my dog Wellington that. (He really isn't. He just doesn't like noises like fireworks and thunder and gunshots. He's very brave when he threatens the Pomeranians on the other side of the fence. Wellie weighs 55 pounds and they are maybe 15 pounds put together.)

Anyway, the boys got into it. I insisted they remove their jumpers/sweaters so nothing got torn.

"I'll show you who's a sissy la-la!" said Joe. "Take that!"
Joe knows a few karate moves and he has the advantage that his arms and wrists bend.

"Bobbie," said Sabra. "Will you pass me another piece of cake?:
But Kyle fought back with all his might.

"Sabra," said Bobbie, "Why are boys so silly?"
After scuffling for half an hour, the guys got it out of their systems.

"Thanks for letting me wear your jumper," said Kyle.

It's unfortunate that I forgot to show Kyle's black eye when they were shaking hands. By the time I'd realized, I had already washed his face.

I would like to thank Auntie Berman for the nice makeup job she did on Kyle.

"Kyle," said Bobbie, "I think your black eye makes you look very manly."


  1. They all look EXTREMELY pleased with themselves in the last picture!

    And that is a wonderful jumper - I want it for myself!

  2. Auntie Berman was quite upset that I didn't focus on the black eye more. But she has trouble logging in to comment on this page so there's nothing she can do about it. And I did try--I just forgot because I was so busy photographing.

    If you click on the picture you will see a very nice close-up of it. She did a wonderful job.

    I think they are pleased with themselves because they've been hitting the pineapple drink again.

    The jumper would be way too small for you.

  3. I'm having trouble leaving a comment - I'll try again.

    Glad they got it sorted out and only ended up with one black eye.

    The black eye was very convincing, well done to your auntie.

    I'm addicted to crochet now, I should be getting on with other things but I can't stop!

  4. Quite an exciting episode! I'm glad they were "manly" enough to make up and shake hands after all....everybody looks pretty pleased with themselves after all this "ado"----only word I could think of at this moment in time and besides it's one of the most frequently used in crossword puzzles! MollyK.