Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grayson Family News

The big news is: Mrs. Grayson had a baby! It was pretty much a surprise to everyone, including Mrs. Grayson.

Beatrice rocks her new baby, who is wrapped in English lace. Ballerina girl has been playing lullabies.
The baby is rather large but we think it's because Dr. Grayson has been Experimenting again. Fortunately he did it after the baby was born.

Dr. Grayson was finally successful in one of his Time Travel Experiments and brought back Tiffany from the future.

Tiffany admires the new baby.
Tiffany is a mini Liv doll (she is Sophie) from McDonald's Happy Meals. We found her at St. Vincent's. She has plastic built-in clothes, a non-removable hat, and glass eyes. The mini Livs were available in July but we rarely eat at McDonald's and so hadn't known about them. Auntie Berman found a lovely flouncy skirt that fit her (it only had to be cut down a little and new velcro added) and I found the long, fur-trimmed vest for her at work.

Tiffany shows off her new clothes.
Tiffany is slightly larger in proportion to the Graysons, but she wanted to live with them instead of at Wayfarers Inn, where she is much smaller and would be thought of as a child.

Tiffany poses with the Graysons.
Meanwhile, I had promised Mrs. Grayson a new dress and she got one. First I tried doing set-in sleeves and that was a dismal failure. So I made her a tunic top with lace (from England!) at the neck and velcro at the sides

and then made a skirt to go over it. Much easier and more practical. I might even be willing to make her more outfits now that I know how to do it.

The Grayson family.
I thought we had a new home for the Graysons when I found this at work.

I couldn't tell what all was in it, but for $5.00 I thought it was worth a try. Alas, the makings of the house itself were gone but there is wooden punch-out furniture and shingles and Auntie Berman thinks we can make a house out of foamcore. I started looking up Greenleaf houses and found one I really want for slightly less than $1,000. Dollhouse

The Graysons do have a slightly larger room than they used to, thanks to Auntie Berman. One of these days they will have their mansion.

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