Thursday, April 10, 2014

Magic Attic Doll!

She must have been hiding somewhere for two days, because by the time I saw her the 48-hour employee restriction was over and I was able to purchase her with no problem. She was $3.99 minus my 30% discount plus 7.725% sales tax--you do the math (because I seem to have tossed out the receipt, knowing I would never return her!).

Magic Attic Megan
I had no idea who she was but I was pretty sure she was special. I thought at first she was an Oldenberg Ashley doll, like Auntie Berman used to have and re-homed.

It wasn't until I had googled around a bit that I realized she (my dolly) was all vinyl instead of having the soft body that so many play dolls do.  I thought she might be a Kidz N Cats doll, but apparently they all have 11 points of articulation, which this doll didn't. I finally recognized her when I went to the Just Magic Dolls website. She is Megan of the Magic Attic Club! I had never given these dolls much thought, never having seen one in person. She is much prettier in person than her picture would indicate. She has a very elfin smile. HLP mentioned that she is more realistic looking than most of my dolls. It's nice to know he notices!

She had no clothes when I got her and had a couple of ink marks on her face. A magic eraser took care of the ink marks and I let her wear the sock monkey dress, although it was slightly too big on her. These are slim-bodied dolls, smaller around than American Girls. Her hair was a bit wild and had an elastic band entangled in it. I snipped out the band and brushed her hair against my well-protected leg until I was able to untangle it enough to braid it, although it's slipping out now. Mrs. Smith has promised to bring me some fabric softener for a Downy dunk, but so far she hasn't remembered.

Then I made her a summer dress using a free pattern from the Carpatina website.

I named her Sara
I have a bag of shoes somewhere and I'm sure I'll find it soon, but she likes going barefoot since we are having lovely warm weather. I would have taken pictures of her with one or more of her sisters but there was an Unfortunate Coffee Incident this morning and I have to wait until everything dries out thoroughly to see if I still have a working camera. (I know how you feel now, Nymphaea!)