Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joanie is Here!

She arrived on Monday, February 13, but I had already left for work so I couldn't get her until Tuesday. I know we thought of naming her Valentine but she just didn't look like a Valentine in person. And I was surprised to find she is 17 inches tall. On the back of her neck is it says 17VW and according to dollreference, that is a Valentine doll marking! Everything I've read about Valentine dolls suggests they are ballerina-type dolls, with bendable knees and arched feet. Joanie has flat feet and her knees do not bend. Her head is vinyl with rooted hair but her body is hard plastic.

First thing was to try on clothes. Joanie came with panda slippers which were too big for her, but they fit Lorraine perfectly.

The dress is too big and the slippers are too big, so let's try something else.
"I don't mind if you wear my tee-shirt since I have your slippers," said Lorraine.
"My sun dress is way too big for you."
Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, I received from my sister MollyK a package of patterns and Saucy Walker clothes.

"I don't think this is really me."
So I let Penny try it on.

"I love it!" said Penny.
And another present for Lorraine, a babydoll nightie.

"For my next slumber party."
A sweet old-fashioned dress was perfect for Sydney. I will need to take the sleeves up a little.

"I feel very sweet and demure in this."
Then I asked Lorraine if she would mind posing outside in the snow to show off our one and only real snowfall of the season. It's not very impressive and most of it has melted away already.

"The things I have to suffer!"
I really like this next dress. It needs a few adjustments but it is kind of a flapper style dress.

"At least I'm getting most of the clothes."
When I saw this next dress my first thought was that it was a definite "baby" type dress and no one (meaning Lorraine) would want it. Then I looked again and realized it was a ballerina/princess dress!

"Now I need ballet slippers."
Penny offered to let Joanie try on her green and white dress. It's a bit skimpy in the skirt but it fits so now I know I can use the same pattern for Joanie's next dress.

"I just love my sailor dress," said Penny.
"Look, girls," said Lorraine. "I'm a princess and you're not!"

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again!

I accidentally found another doll that was really cheap and looked like a Mary Hoyer doll.

That's a Mary Hoyer face if ever I saw one.

Very little was written in the description but I decided to take a chance. Auntie Berman aided and abetted me--Last week when she was sitting at my computer she logged into eBay and didn't log out, so now when I go there, eBay thinks I'm her and I tell her I'm bidding on all kinds of dollies.

I am assuming she is 14 inches tall, but even if she's not, I will love her. Mary Hoyer didn't make a lot of walker dolls but she sold her face molds to various companies. According to, Mary Hoyer doll molds were also sold to the Richwood company, who then redressed and sold them as their Cindy Lou walker doll. 

She is coming from Colorado and will be here around February 14. So Auntie Berman wants to name her Valentine.

Meanwhile, we found a lovely dress for Lorraine at Goodwill Bargain Bin. It's from a company called Dollie & Me. I'm sure it was designed for an 18 inch doll but it fits Lorraine.

"As long as I get new clothes and shoes, I don't care how many little sisters I have."