Friday, February 10, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again!

I accidentally found another doll that was really cheap and looked like a Mary Hoyer doll.

That's a Mary Hoyer face if ever I saw one.

Very little was written in the description but I decided to take a chance. Auntie Berman aided and abetted me--Last week when she was sitting at my computer she logged into eBay and didn't log out, so now when I go there, eBay thinks I'm her and I tell her I'm bidding on all kinds of dollies.

I am assuming she is 14 inches tall, but even if she's not, I will love her. Mary Hoyer didn't make a lot of walker dolls but she sold her face molds to various companies. According to, Mary Hoyer doll molds were also sold to the Richwood company, who then redressed and sold them as their Cindy Lou walker doll. 

She is coming from Colorado and will be here around February 14. So Auntie Berman wants to name her Valentine.

Meanwhile, we found a lovely dress for Lorraine at Goodwill Bargain Bin. It's from a company called Dollie & Me. I'm sure it was designed for an 18 inch doll but it fits Lorraine.

"As long as I get new clothes and shoes, I don't care how many little sisters I have."


  1. Oooh, I could not resist that purchase either. Please make sure you do a post about her when she arrives. That was a good find for Lorraine.

  2. I've got to stop looking at eBay! Valentine was "accepted for shipment" in Colorado so she might even be here by Monday. I will definitely be blogging about her.

    Lorraine's dress is so pretty I think I will try to copy it to make Easter dresses for the smaller girls.

  3. I love her face, what a lucky accident!

  4. It's what happens when you start looking closely at dolls that don't have a name or much of a description!

  5. She's lovely and I can tell you've picked up a lot of knowledge about dolls! Did I tell you that I took some porcelain doll-making classes (once upon a time) and that hardest part is painting the face so that the eyelashes on the left side match those on the right? I made several baby dolls and a friend made their clothes from old family linens that I inherited. This doll-maker made dolls to look like any picture you gave her and she made several for me, including my first niece and the parts for one made to look like me at age 5 or so.....long blonde hair and all---I even had a lock of hair for her to match....guess I should think about finishing her (stringing her eyes and whatever else...I better check to see if I can still find her! Thanks for sharing your lovely dollies. That cute reddish dress is adorable.....say, my Saucy Walker is 18"...I think!
    Love, MK

  6. I've learned way more about dolls than I ever thought I would! That sounds like fun, to have a doll that looks like yourself. I've never really cared for porcelain because it's so breakable and I'm so good at breaking things.

    The Saucy Walker patterns should fit Lorraine without much adjusting, then.