Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boots for Lorraine

I came across a pair of shoes that I thought might fit Lorraine, and by cutting the straps off and using a small spoon as a shoehorn, I was able to get her feet into them.

She was quite pleased and wanted more. Then I had to have a little talk with her about how she and I are Special. We have Big Feet and we can't just go into a shoe store and buy shoes like normal common people. She said she understood, but I don't think she does.

Then I found a wonderful pattern for making doll boots here and since I had some spare fur on my hands I decided to try it.

Here is a closeup.

I had to enlarge the pattern, since Lorraine is bigger than American Girls. They were very easy to make, but I advise making a practice boot first out of felt (make two and your doll can have house slippers). Also, read the directions! I glanced at them and then thought I knew what I was doing but soon realized I didn't.

Now Lorraine wants to know if there's enough fur left over to make her a coat. I suppose there is. 


  1. I love these boots, can't wait to make some. I Can't make much just now, my DH is redecorating my craft room and I'm getting a new craft cupboard, can't wait to be really organised at last.

  2. They are even cuter in person! Now that we have rain and snow you are going to have to make boots for ALL your 14" girls!
    Auntie Berman

  3. I think yours look better than the ones on the pattern page. I had seen those and didn't want to try them. Yours make me want to try out the pattern. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Dawn. I thought it was going to be harder than it was, because I was trying to put soles on them (I told you I didn't really read the directions!)I also hadn't realized the wrong side of the fur is what will mostly show. Anyway, they were very easy to make and I'm glad you like them.