Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sydney's Here!

Sydney arrived Saturday morning. I thought sure she would have to go to Sacramento and then back to Reno, but apparently she came straight to Reno, was processed early in the morning, and then sent out for delivery and we got her around 10 a.m. Because we were going out thrifting, she got to see a little of her new city. Then I was afraid someone would steal her if she was visible in the car, so I wrapped her in a sweater and put her behind the seat. She spent last night getting acquainted with her sisters. This morning I took pictures of the girls.

"We all got new dresses," said Sally. "Maybe you will too."
I already had Sydney's dress cut out, so all I had to do was sew it up.

"I love our sailor hats."
Last night Auntie Berman and I restrung Penny, following the directions of It was very easy and painless (I hope) and Penny is a whole new girl.

"I feel like dancing."
"I heard we're going to get hoodies next!"
They are going to get hoodies next (but not today.

We had an incredible find at Salvation Army Warehouse. I've often wondered when Monster High dolls would show up in thrift shops and then thought "never," but I saw something in a bin, reached in and pulled her out, and Auntie Berman recognized her as a Lagoona Monster High doll. She was missing her forearms. We searched the bins but didn't find them. You can actually buy replacement forearms and hands from Mattel for $3 a pair! We also thought of making them out of Barbie arms. In the meantime, Lorelei, as Auntie Berman named her, relaxes at home with her camel (Auntie Berman collects camels, among other things).

"I thought I was going to die in the landfill. I'd rather be buried at sea, if I must go."

Auntie Berman has two other Monster High dolls.

I think they're whispering together about the New Girl.
Auntie Berman has many eclectic collections. She is going to start her own blog soon.

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  1. Sydney is lovely, she fits in perfectly with the other dolls. I love the faces on this ere of dolls, better than I like the faces today, also their heads are better proportioned.

    I'm looking forward to your Auntie Berman's blog!