Friday, January 13, 2012

One New (Last) Dolly is on her Way

I've always loved the look of Mary Hoyer dolls but never thought I could afford one. Then I found out her face molds were often used by other doll makers. So I kept my eyes open and found her on eBay. Thanks to Auntie Berman, we won her for only $23.50. I will owe Auntie Berman for the rest of my life, as usual. The eBay seller, itsalways4sale, said I could use her listing pictures on my blog, so here she is:

We have named her Sydney.
She already has a dress but of course I am making her a new one.
The seller sent her out promptly and Sydney left Kansas City Thursday afternoon. I don't have much hope that she will get here Saturday and Monday is a holiday, so she probably won't be here until Tuesday. I wrote a little poem about her:

Oh Sydney, dear Sydney
Your mama awaits
Your arrival in Reno
Across many states.

Then another one this morning (not nearly as good but I'm not at my best in the morning):

Oh Sydney, dear Sydney
I'm glad you're not an Aborigine.
You are so very pretty
They don't appreciate you in Kansas City.

So then Auntie Berman had to write one:

A doll from the Midwest
Wanted to cover her chest
So she’d look her best –
She chose a vest.
Now looking her best,
She goes on her quest
(this is NO jest,
She is NOT a pest)
To find her nest;
She’ll live in the West.

Sure, she picked the easiest word to rhyme, while I picked Sydney, which is extremely difficult to find rhymes for (I refused to use "kidney).

Meanwhile, I've been sewing. (And we've renamed Marley Peggy, because we thought it was more in keeping with the times.)

Noelle, Peggy, and Sally enjoy the wintery sunshine.
Penny had a little accident. Her leg fell off when the elastic broke. She was originally a walking Sweet Sue but her walker mechanism had been removed and she had been restrung without it. I want to restring her properly so I invested $3 to learn how here. I saw that the main problem was whoever restrung her didn't use S-hooks. I only have two of them right now but will get some and fix her up. I made her a dress and Peggy is modeling it for her.

She wants to keep it for herself.
I used the fabric Ann sent me a while ago to make an American jumper (as opposed to an English jumper which, you may remember, led to some problems between Kyle and G.I. Joe and ended up as the fight). I need to make a better blouse to go with it and I have some nice honey colored silk (from a tie) that should work.

Auntie Berman painted Penny's lips, which really brightened up her face.

Penny will soon be a whole new girl!
Now I must get to work on Sydney's dress, which is a yellow-with-cherries cotton print from Mary Engelbreit. It will be nice to have a dark haired girl to dress.


  1. I have a question, Have you ever considered getting an American Girl?

  2. I used to have one. I really liked her clothes (they were the Samantha clothes and she was a Felicity). But I really don't like soft-bodied dolls as well as hard bodies.