Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catching Up

Last spring Auntie Berman gave Lulu texturized hair and did a great job.

At the Bunch O'Hair Salon
The back
It still needs a little touch-up either with a Magic Marker or a paintbrush, but she is very pleased with it. Months later, I finally got around to making her the dress I had been promising her.

New dress
The material came from a pillow sham and it was rather slippery fabric. Next time I will use cotton.

I thought my Monster Girl collection was complete, but then I found HER at work!

Clawdeen and Alienna
Her ears intrigued me. I didn't know who she was but to my amazement, Terri the supervisor who claims to not like dolls, knew who she was. "That's Howleen's sister," she said, as I stared at her in surprise. She looked embarrassed and explained quickly that her son watches Monster High on TV.

I had two more finds at Salvation Army Warehouse. First Hawaiian Girl, a rather pitiful attempt at dolliness. She is made of really cheap plastic and her hair was falling out but I felt so sorry for her that I had to get her.

In her native costume.
I also found a Vogue Ginny Doll and felt compelled to get her although I'm not really fond of Ginny dolls. Mrs. Smith didn't want her at first but then realized she did, so Ginny now lives with her.

When Hawaiian Girl's hair really started falling out, I pulled it all out, removed her sewn-on grass skirt, and gave her another Hawaiian dress I had.

Ginny, Lorraine, Lulu, Hawaiian Girl
I tried a little wig on her and although it's still too big, she looks pretty cute in it.

The new Hawaiian Girl
The Monster High story continues. Monday I found, hanging on the toy wall in plain sight, Deuce Gorgon! He had been there for three days but I think no one wanted him because his right lower arm is missing.
Neither one looks too happy.
I think Monster dolls don't mind missing body parts. They can tell the others they were part of a Mad Scientist's experiment.

Deuce meets the girls.
Deuce meets the guys.
As you can see, Nigel's head is off again. I dropped him and the cork broke. It's on my To Do list . . .

In closing, I want to ask did anyone else notice the resemblance?

I tried to put the photos side by side but couldn't figure it out. Of course Ceddie will always be his Mother's Little Prince.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wonder Woman

Last Saturday Mrs. Smith and I went to the Doll & Teddy Bear Show. It is nothing like it was in its former glory but is fun to go to just to see what's there. As we passed one booth, a doll fell to the floor beside me. I picked her up. It was a Barbie sized Wonder Woman!

The Torano Guy and Wondie
On the back of her head was DC Comics Inc 1976. Mrs. Smith pointed out that she had fallen off a $1 shelf. While we were waiting for the owner of the booth to finish with another customer, I examined her more closely and saw that rather than being Mattel, like Lois Lane, she was a Mego doll! Just like Red Nicky! Then I noticed that her legs looked like they were glued on. I asked the booth lady if that's why she was only $1 and she said probably. She appeared to have no interest in Wondie whatsoever but eagerly took my dollar.

That's the only purchase we made at the Doll Show. When I got to work, I started looking at Barbies with the idea of doing a head transplant for Wonder Woman. I bought a $1.49 Barbie as a donor, although I had my doubts. I also bought what I call The Torano Guy, mainly because I liked his face and he wasn't Ken. The back of his head says 1991 Torano. Or that's what I thought. I just discovered it says Torand, not Torano. That's why I couldn't find any information about him. He is Brandon Walsh of Beverly Hills 90210. I knew he looked familiar. (Yes, I have to admit that I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210. My boyfriend-at-the-time's daughter lived with us and that's my excuse.)

Anyway, back to Wondie.

Time for another picture
I began researching Mego Wonder Woman and discovered many of their celebrity dolls developed a condition called Mego Melt, which has to do with the chemical reaction between the hard plastic torso and the softer vinyl limbs, especially if they were stored in hot places. I thought at first my Wondie's neck wouldn't turn but I wiggled it gently and it moved. Encouraged, I began trying to move her legs and sure enough, they moved. She has this gluey, melted plastic stuff between her legs but I will get some Goo Gone or something similar and see if it comes off. Her undies have it stuck on them and I'm hoping that will come out too.

There is a Wonder Woman Costume site that has a history of Wonder Woman's outfits through the years. There are 16 pages of info there and I didn't make it to the end, I was so overwhelmed. I must make her some silver bracelets and a golden lasso and a tiara. I put a sock dress on her just to see what she'd look like in "normal" clothes. I couldn't bring myself to put her in a princess dress.

Very mod
Wondie is 12 1/2 inches tall (because she's an Amazon, you know). She has real eyelashes and her hair keeps catching on them. She has articulated wrists. Some models I saw on eBay have articulated ankles. She and Red Nicky seem to get along well. Red Nicky knows that she is still my favorite.

"We Megos are the best!"
And now for some exciting Nigel news. Nigel has a new body!

There were no action figure booths at the doll show. I finally decided I just had to do something, anything for the poor boy. So I used a blow dryer on his neck and popped his head off.

Inside Nigel's head
The picture doesn't show that there was black paint inside his head. I had suspected that someone repainted his hair. It is brown underneath.

As I looked around for inspiration, I saw a cork. Auntie Berman had given me several corks to try to make doll shoes from. I whittled--or tried to. Cork doesn't whittle well. It crumbles a lot. I finally came up with a plug that fit down inside Girly Man's neck.

The cork neck plug
The only workable glue I could find on hand was some called Kids Choice Glue, similar to Elmer's or school glue, so I used it.

I kept twisting his head around until I found a good position
Then I let him rest overnight.

The Mini Deads were fascinated. If his head fell off, they could play with it.
The remains of Spidey Man and Girly Man's head
I am keeping the body parts because you never know when you might need a leg or a head or whatever. And I returned the donor Barbie, much to her relief.

I think Anakin likes Wondie
And now it's time to sew some guy clothes.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Quick Update on New Guy

I got an answer from Hasbro, as follows:

 "I'm pleased to reply. After viewing the pictures on your blog, it looks like you have an Anakin Skywalker figure from the "Attack of the Clones" series. Regrettably, as there are so many different figures made for Star Wars, I cannot verify additional product information other than the character name."

I've never been much of a Star Wars fan so I had never heard of him. I looked on eBay and found a few guys just like him and many others ranging from 3 1/2 inches up to 13. There is also a version of him at an older age. Sad to say, nobody's asking very much for any versions of him!

"I don't know about this!"
I tried draping him in a piece of rabbit fur that Sara the Supervisor had given me (I thought maybe on his home planet they wore furs) but he didn't seem to like it.

Mrs. Smith took one of his boots off and then we couldn't get it back on. (That's why one of his legs looks longer than the other.) I tried putting the boot on the radiator for a while to soften it up but still couldn't get his foot all the way into it. I think I may have to slit it up the back, which is okay because I hate struggling with putting clothes on dolls. The other guys could wear the boots too, then.  Anakin has articulated ankles and could be a ballet dancer if he wanted to.

Anakin's tunic and Red Nicky's new pantsuit
I made him a quick tunic out of felt, since I was sewing for Red Nicky. It could be a bit bigger around but it will keep him warm for now.

I made Red Nicky's pantsuit out of a child's summer dress. The jacket, except for the sleeves, is that stretchy elasticized already-smocked fabric (which was the top of the dress) and the sleeves and pants are just plain cotton. She has a very tiny waist and the back of her pants doesn't look nearly as nice as the front--very thready. I think I need to put a little fray-check on parts of it too. But it's a nice start to her wardrobe.
She's keeping her distance.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Guys for Red Nicky

First, this is an experiment because I'm trying to identify a Hasbro guy that I found. I emailed Hasbro and they've been very helpful but my picture attachments don't come through for them. So I am going to post his picture here and then I think I can copy it directly into into the email.

Red Nicky is not sure about that braid.

What's with that tuft of hair?
My big find this week, though, was a Spideyman!

Red Nicky hasn't made any decisions yet.
He has a black smudge on his nose that I haven't been able to remove. I will probably have to paint over it. I tried alcohol, nail polish remover with acetone, peanut butter, eraser sponge--nothing worked. But his big problem (besides his Spidey hands) is that when I undressed him, I discovered his left leg was not attached! The plastic pivot was broken off.

Then I had the brilliant idea of re-bodying him! That would solve the problem of his hands and his leg. Also, I don't really want such a bulky body. In fact, he's not going to be Spideyman any more. His name is Nigel and he is a Gentleman.

I checked out the Kens at work. There were only two. One had what looked like a very blotchy sunburn or else radiation poisoning, so I rejected him at once. The other one--well, you be the judge. They had him priced at only $1.49.

"Are you a guy or a girl?"
Is it my imagination or does Nigel look really depressed?
We refer to him as Girly Man. I'm not sure if a haircut would help. His head says Disney and his body says Mattel. I think he's a Prince Charming type.

After I popped Girly Man's head off, I realized Nigel has a totally different neck/head setup.

"Let this be a bad dream," prayed Nigel.
Nigel's neck goes up into his head and GM's head fits down into his neck. I think I will look around for a different donor body. I can't be too picky about skin tones but I am carrying Nigel's leg around in my purse so I can try to find a good match. But you'll notice in the pictures his head doesn't really match his body anyway. It must be from all those years of wearing a spidey mask.

Hang in there, Nigel. I will find you a nice body and decent clothes. And Hasbro man, I will uncover your identity. And Girly Man, I'll think of something to do with you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Never Too Early for Halloween

Especially if you work at Savers, where we start getting ready in August! So I thought I'd go ahead and show off my Mini Living Dead dolls and their castle, which is out of storage now for the season.

It started with a pink Barbie sort of castle.

Yes, the picture is kind of small. I lost the original and copied this from the Halloween In Miniature Yahoo Group I belong to, but it had become smallified. I tried to biggify it and it didn't work. (But the pictures sure load faster!)

Husband-like person reluctantly agreed to paint it. He grew more enthusiastic and did a wonderful job.

A few years ago Auntie Berman gave me a Mini Living Dead Doll. She had one herself, named Raven. I named mine Winterkill. I think they are both Living Dead Sadie dolls. Unable to resist, we got a few more from eBay. I had a lovely scene set up in my bedroom but eventually dismantled it to make room for more (normal) dolls.

DeVille entertains The Creature and a nameless ghoul.
The following year I had a different setup and was pleased to add a Halloween Tree to the scene. We found it at a thrift shop (of course).

Bride of Frankenstein, Winterkill, DeVille
The Bride is very interesting. She is made of some very rubbery, squishy substance. She fits right in at Winterkill's Castle.

Other dolls wanted to get in on the fun.

Bratz Boy and Jinx
Living Dead Boy and Seraphina
Mrs. Smith painted scars on the Bratz Boy's head and did his eye makeup. Jinx is an MGA girl who decided to Go Goth. The Living Dead boy is a full size Living Dead doll, 10 inches tall, given to me by my friend (and now supervisor) Terri, before I ever went to work at Savers. I assume she got him at Savers, which just goes to show you never know what will turn up in a thrift store. Seraphina is another MGA girl. She wasn't as eager as Jinx to Go Goth but now she quite likes it. I'm sure I named the boys at some point, but unfortunately I can't remember what.

Everything's all in a jumble. Coffins everywhere.
This will be our best year ever!
We want our scene too!
I also need to set up a scene for the Midnight Magic girls.

You may notice a new face here. I found a Monster High girl at work. I thought at first she was some sort of Alien girl but then realized she was a Monster High doll.

She was from a Monster High Create-A-Monster set and whoever had her had mixed and matched her parts, so she's half Lagoona and half Draculaura. Since she was bald, I had to find her some hair.

"Are they laughing at me?"
For some reason golden curls just didn't suit her.

Red Nicky is not real thrilled with her.
This wig was much better but slightly too big for her head. Then I found a Liv wig in my bag o'hair that fit her head.

"I like being a blonde!"
Halloween season has just begun. The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mego Fashion Doll

I saw a bagged doll in the Barbie section at work a few days ago and almost passed her by. She had extremely unnatural looking red hair. Then I took a closer look and saw she was not a Barbie. I was able to read Mego Corp. on the back of her neck and decided to buy her, thinking maybe I could turn her into a Miss Fear (or here). Across her back it says Mego of Hong Kong, 1977, Made in Hong Kong.

It wasn't until later I realized her jumpsuit was turned wrong-side out.
She seemed to have a rather whitish face streaked with green.

Green streaks.
The green streaks came off with a magic sponge eraser. The white face (and in some cases arms) are a "normal" affliction of these dolls, something to do with the plasticizer used in their manufacture. There was an 18 or 19 inch size doll made, sold along with makeup so girls could make up the doll's face. Looking at her head-on, she has rather a hard looking face, but her profile shows a sweeter, softer side.

Her hair is a bit sparse on top near the front. As well as being a very strange red, it feels like cotton candy (although not sticky) and is pretty much uncombable. I put a (large) black wig on her to see how she would look as Miss Fear.

"It's just not me!"
At first I thought she was Mego's 11.5 inch Candi doll but then I found out Candi had three friends. From the Doll Reference site "1979 Fashion Candi doll, 11 1/2" tall rooted hair, [painted facial features jointed body.  A Barbie competitor.  Candi has four friends: Cinnamon, Lemonade, Tangerine & Wild Berry, each are same sized 11 1/2" tall & were scented." 

Wild Berry is the one with red hair and my doll's hair is very faintly scented.

I found a lovely green sweater among my miscellaneous doll clothes that was perfect for her.

"This is the true me!"
By now I had fallen totally in love with this girl. I had been thinking of making a new avatar lately and she seemed the perfect model. I named her Red Nicky, after my great-grandfather's brother who was called Red Nick because of his red hair. 

Now I am going to plan her wardrobe and maybe sew for her.