Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mego Fashion Doll

I saw a bagged doll in the Barbie section at work a few days ago and almost passed her by. She had extremely unnatural looking red hair. Then I took a closer look and saw she was not a Barbie. I was able to read Mego Corp. on the back of her neck and decided to buy her, thinking maybe I could turn her into a Miss Fear (or here). Across her back it says Mego of Hong Kong, 1977, Made in Hong Kong.

It wasn't until later I realized her jumpsuit was turned wrong-side out.
She seemed to have a rather whitish face streaked with green.

Green streaks.
The green streaks came off with a magic sponge eraser. The white face (and in some cases arms) are a "normal" affliction of these dolls, something to do with the plasticizer used in their manufacture. There was an 18 or 19 inch size doll made, sold along with makeup so girls could make up the doll's face. Looking at her head-on, she has rather a hard looking face, but her profile shows a sweeter, softer side.

Her hair is a bit sparse on top near the front. As well as being a very strange red, it feels like cotton candy (although not sticky) and is pretty much uncombable. I put a (large) black wig on her to see how she would look as Miss Fear.

"It's just not me!"
At first I thought she was Mego's 11.5 inch Candi doll but then I found out Candi had three friends. From the Doll Reference site "1979 Fashion Candi doll, 11 1/2" tall rooted hair, [painted facial features jointed body.  A Barbie competitor.  Candi has four friends: Cinnamon, Lemonade, Tangerine & Wild Berry, each are same sized 11 1/2" tall & were scented." 

Wild Berry is the one with red hair and my doll's hair is very faintly scented.

I found a lovely green sweater among my miscellaneous doll clothes that was perfect for her.

"This is the true me!"
By now I had fallen totally in love with this girl. I had been thinking of making a new avatar lately and she seemed the perfect model. I named her Red Nicky, after my great-grandfather's brother who was called Red Nick because of his red hair. 

Now I am going to plan her wardrobe and maybe sew for her.


  1. She looks fantastic with that flaming red hair. Fancy still being able to smell the scent after all this time! She looks great as your new avatar.

  2. It is amazing that I can still smell the scent after all this time. I had thought about having a picture of Jody/Eleanor as my avatar but then I decided I wanted a more "grown-up" look!

  3. I'm glad you found her. Her hair looks smoother in the picture where she's wearing the green sweater. Did you Downy dunk her? You've got me liking her red hair too, and her name totally rocks. Red Nicky is definitely a keeper!

  4. No, I didn't Downy dunk her--I'm terrible with hair and that's why my girls all look so wild. I just happened to catch her at a good moment! Her hair really grows on you, doesn't it?

  5. Another nice find, that green sweater suits her really well. Her red hair is very fashionable I think, I see this colour advertised on tv a lot.

  6. You're absolutely right about the hair. I see girls (and grown women!) with this color hair, not to mention pink and blue and purple.

    She is NOT going to have tattoos, though!

  7. I recently found one at the thrift store for $1.50 also thinking she was a Candi doll she has the same face...and I found a 18 inch Candi today at the swap meet for $3 ...awesome doll from my 70's childhood..

  8. I would love to find an actual Candi doll too, or else one of the other three. I've seen the 18 inch Candi on eBay but unless I find one at a thrift store, I don't think I'll be getting one. But you never know who you'll find . . .