Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Never Too Early for Halloween

Especially if you work at Savers, where we start getting ready in August! So I thought I'd go ahead and show off my Mini Living Dead dolls and their castle, which is out of storage now for the season.

It started with a pink Barbie sort of castle.

Yes, the picture is kind of small. I lost the original and copied this from the Halloween In Miniature Yahoo Group I belong to, but it had become smallified. I tried to biggify it and it didn't work. (But the pictures sure load faster!)

Husband-like person reluctantly agreed to paint it. He grew more enthusiastic and did a wonderful job.

A few years ago Auntie Berman gave me a Mini Living Dead Doll. She had one herself, named Raven. I named mine Winterkill. I think they are both Living Dead Sadie dolls. Unable to resist, we got a few more from eBay. I had a lovely scene set up in my bedroom but eventually dismantled it to make room for more (normal) dolls.

DeVille entertains The Creature and a nameless ghoul.
The following year I had a different setup and was pleased to add a Halloween Tree to the scene. We found it at a thrift shop (of course).

Bride of Frankenstein, Winterkill, DeVille
The Bride is very interesting. She is made of some very rubbery, squishy substance. She fits right in at Winterkill's Castle.

Other dolls wanted to get in on the fun.

Bratz Boy and Jinx
Living Dead Boy and Seraphina
Mrs. Smith painted scars on the Bratz Boy's head and did his eye makeup. Jinx is an MGA girl who decided to Go Goth. The Living Dead boy is a full size Living Dead doll, 10 inches tall, given to me by my friend (and now supervisor) Terri, before I ever went to work at Savers. I assume she got him at Savers, which just goes to show you never know what will turn up in a thrift store. Seraphina is another MGA girl. She wasn't as eager as Jinx to Go Goth but now she quite likes it. I'm sure I named the boys at some point, but unfortunately I can't remember what.

Everything's all in a jumble. Coffins everywhere.
This will be our best year ever!
We want our scene too!
I also need to set up a scene for the Midnight Magic girls.

You may notice a new face here. I found a Monster High girl at work. I thought at first she was some sort of Alien girl but then realized she was a Monster High doll.

She was from a Monster High Create-A-Monster set and whoever had her had mixed and matched her parts, so she's half Lagoona and half Draculaura. Since she was bald, I had to find her some hair.

"Are they laughing at me?"
For some reason golden curls just didn't suit her.

Red Nicky is not real thrilled with her.
This wig was much better but slightly too big for her head. Then I found a Liv wig in my bag o'hair that fit her head.

"I like being a blonde!"
Halloween season has just begun. The possibilities are endless!


  1. The curly wig definitely doesn't suit her! I've never done anything for Halloween, might make one of my dolls something suitable. Love your scene, very spooky, your HLP did a great job painting it.

    1. Your dolls would love to have Halloween costumes (all of them--it wouldn't be fair to just make one)! HLP had more fun painting the castle than he will admit.

  2. These decorations are brilliant! This kind of thing is why I became your devoted fan in the first place. I sort of like the curly wig. It gives her a creep Lolita look. Ann is right, HLP did an excellent job painting the castle. You have inspired me to do more than just pull out my raven, skull and gargoyle this year. Now, I too must have a Halloween scene. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. The curly wig definitely is creepy. It's actually attached (glued) to the hat, which makes it impractical for everyday wear. I'm fortunate that I am always finding Halloween things throughout the year at the thrift shops.

      One of HLP's friends warned him against "playing with dolls" (when he was going to fix the Pink Girl's leg). I would like to say that HLP proudly stood up for what he was doing, but no, he backed down and denied everything and never told the friend that he had fixed the leg.

  3. I've just had a brilliant idea to name the Monster High Girl Alienna. I'm pronouncing it with a long A. Ay Lee EN Uh.

  4. Alienna is a perfect name for her, that's just what she is, Alien!

    1. Apparently there really is such a name, although it's pronounced All Lee EN uh, but I'm sure it's not meant to represent Aliens, like my girl!

  5. Your HLP did an excellent job on the Barbie castle re-paint. I love your half n half Monster High girl and I think she looks even more monsterish that way. Did the set-up give you bad dreams when you had it in your bedroom?

    1. No! No bad dreams when I'm surrounded by Halloween. My monster people are all friendly.

  6. What fun you have had. I would never have thought to paint a barbie castle - it is so much better now!

    1. Now I look at all those pink barbie things with a whole new eye. Anything can be painted!