Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Guys for Red Nicky

First, this is an experiment because I'm trying to identify a Hasbro guy that I found. I emailed Hasbro and they've been very helpful but my picture attachments don't come through for them. So I am going to post his picture here and then I think I can copy it directly into into the email.

Red Nicky is not sure about that braid.

What's with that tuft of hair?
My big find this week, though, was a Spideyman!

Red Nicky hasn't made any decisions yet.
He has a black smudge on his nose that I haven't been able to remove. I will probably have to paint over it. I tried alcohol, nail polish remover with acetone, peanut butter, eraser sponge--nothing worked. But his big problem (besides his Spidey hands) is that when I undressed him, I discovered his left leg was not attached! The plastic pivot was broken off.

Then I had the brilliant idea of re-bodying him! That would solve the problem of his hands and his leg. Also, I don't really want such a bulky body. In fact, he's not going to be Spideyman any more. His name is Nigel and he is a Gentleman.

I checked out the Kens at work. There were only two. One had what looked like a very blotchy sunburn or else radiation poisoning, so I rejected him at once. The other one--well, you be the judge. They had him priced at only $1.49.

"Are you a guy or a girl?"
Is it my imagination or does Nigel look really depressed?
We refer to him as Girly Man. I'm not sure if a haircut would help. His head says Disney and his body says Mattel. I think he's a Prince Charming type.

After I popped Girly Man's head off, I realized Nigel has a totally different neck/head setup.

"Let this be a bad dream," prayed Nigel.
Nigel's neck goes up into his head and GM's head fits down into his neck. I think I will look around for a different donor body. I can't be too picky about skin tones but I am carrying Nigel's leg around in my purse so I can try to find a good match. But you'll notice in the pictures his head doesn't really match his body anyway. It must be from all those years of wearing a spidey mask.

Hang in there, Nigel. I will find you a nice body and decent clothes. And Hasbro man, I will uncover your identity. And Girly Man, I'll think of something to do with you.


  1. Have you tried Oxy 10 (or an equivalent 'zit/spot' cream for his nose? I find that often works wonders when many other things fail.

    1. No, I haven't.. That's a good idea and I'll get some on Friday. Thanks!

  2. No wonder Red Nicky looks a bit confused! I am sure you will get the right body. Hope Nigel's leg doesn't jump out of your purse at the wrong moment! By the way, I have'nt forgotten about sending you a pic of my Pullip doll.

    1. Oh Lizzie, I never thought about his leg jumping out! That could be a bit embarrassing. I'm looking forward to seeing your Pullip doll.

  3. Those are some weird hair-dos! Hope you manage to find a body to transplant, Red Nicky must be worrying what sort of boy friend she's going to get.

  4. I think she's deciding maybe she doesn't even want a boyfriend after all!