Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Ours!

I got off work early tonight, due to slowness (the store's slowness, not mine) and Auntie Berman and I went over to see the owner of the House. He is a very nice man named Johnie and he built the house himself many years ago. He built it as a sort of birdhouse (he said once he looked outside and a raccoon was poking its head out the window). It doesn't open but I think we can take the back off to get access. Also, he said the missing dormer is inside the house along with other parts.

I just have to put the picture in again. Soon I'll have dozens of them.

When I first asked him if he would sell it, he said he wasn't sure if he would because he'd had it a long time. Auntie Berman told him how we had both been out of work for a couple of years until recently and they hadn't been able to get me a birthday present and I really liked the house and needed it for my dolls. Johnie said he'd sell it for $30. I looked at Auntie Berman, thinking she would start haggling with him, because she does like to bargain. But we both knew we would never get anything like for that price. Then Johnie said he'd take payments and that cinched the deal. We gave him the $10 we had brought along. He invited us in and we met his roommate as well as his dog Sophi, a white Chihuahua and Auntie Berman said she had a large black dog named Sophie, and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, except I seem to have misplaced the paper he gave me. I remember excitedly folding it up and putting it Somewhere. (I found it--I had carefully stuck it in my purse.)

Now we just have to get HLP to go over there and figure out how to take it down.

The Graysons excitedly discuss their new house


  1. How fantastic....a rare find, indeed! And what fun to realize that you're re-purposing something really unique....p.s. re-purposing an object, especially if it's attractive is always delightful to behold, I think..

  2. Very rare indeed! Who would think of building a birdhouse that size and that scale?

    I probably won't be able to get it until Monday due to conflicting schedules. Then there will be a lot of work to fix it up and paint it and wallpaper it . . .