Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New New House for the Graysons

The large doll/birdhouse has gone to be the new Wayfarers Inn. That's because at work I found a Greenleaf doll house that is a better size for the Graysons.

Interesting choice of colors. I like it.
Here is what it looks like on the Greenleaf site. The porch is missing and the front door is not attached. The house was priced at $12.99. I had a little talk with my supervisor and said how it wasn't very well made and seemed to be falling apart. When she accidentally knocked the door out, she obligingly reduced it to $2.99.

Whoever put it together left the opening for the stairway against the outside wall. The Greenleaf picture shows it in the center of the house. Auntie Berman says she is looking forward to fixing up this house. She doesn't believe in dollies having staircases, because she says they don't need them. And because this is a rather small house, I think it would be okay not to have one.

I took Dr. and Mrs. Grayson to see it.

"Welcome to our new house, Mrs. Grayson," said Dr. Grayson.
I took along a piece of furniture to see how it looked.

"It's lovely, Dr. Grayson," said Mrs. Grayson. "I think we shall be very happy here."
"We can divide this into two rooms."
Dr. Grayson is going to have a separate building for his laboratory. Auntie Berman is thinking a tower made from an oatmeal box would be nice. Mrs. Grayson is thinking it will be nice not to have to worry about the house being blown up due to one of her husband's experiments.


  1. I think it's a splendid house for the Graysons and what fun fixing it up---lots of opportunities to decorate and rearrange the furniture! ;)

    When I lived in Wyoming my thrift-shopping mother brought home a dollhouse large enough for me to crawl into the living room (age 7 or so) and it had electric lights & a doorbell but it was impractical as it had to live in the garage.....don't know what eventually happened to it....MollyK.

  2. I'm already keeping an eye out for more furniture. I saw a nice kitchen Welsh dresser type piece in our Housewares department, so I will have to have another talk with the supervisor about how it is really a toy and I should get it at our toy discount rate (50%) instead of the housewares discount (30%).

  3. What a great find! I've seen these a lot on dolls house miniature groups, they are very popular. Another project for you to enjoy. There are lots of miniature sites with DIY projects for dolls houses, you are going to be busy.