Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dr. Grayson Went House Hunting

A few days ago we were driving through the Other Side of the Park when I saw the Perfect House for the Graysons. It looked like it was perched in the trees.

Today we went back, Dr. Grayson in hand, and I knocked on the door (of the trailer it was next to, not the doll house itself, because it doesn't actually have a door). A small dog barked inside. I turned around and put Dr. Grayson in the doorway to make sure he would fit. It was a perfect fit. I knocked again, and the dog barked again (not incessantly, to give him credit). No answer. I examined the house more closely. It is mounted on a pedestal between two trees. It's full of leaves and, as you can see, is definitely a fixer-upper. I wonder if they used it as a bird house.

It could be a haunted house.

One dormer is missing but it could be Dr. Grayson's laboratory where a little Accident happened. Or maybe I could rebuild it with popsicle sticks. Or foamcore. Or something.

Later this evening Mrs. Smith and Indian Wayne and I walked the dogs over there. Mrs. Smith suggested it and I think she thought Indian Wayne wouldn't want to go, but he did because he really likes her and she doesn't like him. Or so she says. Anyway, we went over and this time a rumpled looking man answered the door. I think I woke him up. I asked if he would consider selling the doll house. He said it wasn't his but he would ask the man it belonged to. I said when should I come back and he said tomorrow evening.

I will be working tomorrow evening but HLP said he would go. I am counting on his great charm to get it for me.

Meanwhile, we have another addition to the family. I found her at work and got her for only 27 cents.

We thought at first she might be a Loving Family doll, but she's not. She has LCB Made in China on the bottom of her shoe and a number on her thigh. So far I haven't found anything like her on the internet. She has movable arms, legs, and waist, and jointed knees. Her hair is molded vinyl on top and then there's a ponytail of "real" hair coming out the back. Her shirt is molded vinyl but the skirt is fabric.

Dr. Grayson introduces himself.
Well, I'll let you know . . .


  1. I certainly hope you can get a good mortgage rate on the house....what a find! Love, MK

  2. I'm trying not to get too excited about it yet. A lot of "sweat equity" will definitely go into it!