Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweeping Changes

Auntie Berman and I were becoming overwhelmed with all our dollies. We had to make some hard decisions. Fortunately, my bad case of Barbie Fever has abated as I become more and more enchanted with the little dollhouse size dolls.

We began to cull the herd. Of the Barbies, I am only keeping Bobbie and Sabra, and two Kens, Kyle and the G.I. Joe.

"I'm glad all those other girls are gone, Sabra. Now there's more for us."
"We are the two best looking guys, so of course she kept us."
Later I will restore their room (as soon as I find a place to put it) and they will all be happy.

Then we went through our other dolls. The Kim Possibles, the Moxie Girlz, 4-Ever Best Friends, The Liv dolls--we dressed them all and they are going to a small thrift shop that rarely has good toys. I gave my Daisy Kingdom dolls to Mrs. Smith, along with their many outfits. She was delighted. She and Mr. Smith are moving into a new house soon and she will have plenty of room for them.

And now for the Graysons. They have moved into temporary lodgings until they have a real house. Dr. Grayson is a mad scientist and needs room for his experiments.

"It's rather small, darling, but it will have to do for now."
Mrs. Grayson is not happy with her clothes. I've made several attempts at the perfect dress but so far haven't done well. She is wearing the first skirt I made for her and Mr. Philadelphia's shirt (blouse) which is slightly too big for her. I will keep trying. I found some Hitty patterns online and have been modifying them.

"He's gone into a trance!"
Dr. Grayson had started across the room when all of a sudden he fell over on top of the Ouija Board.  Beatrice is used to this so she was not too alarmed and neither is Cedran. The girl on the right is a former ballet dancer (Auntie Berman got her at the Dollar Tree and she lived at Wayfarers Inn for a while). We found boots that fit her so she doesn't have to stand on tiptoe all the time. She is wearing one of Beatrice's failed dresses. I'm not sure yet where she fits into the family.

Dr. Grayson has to conduct his experiments on the roof right now.

"If I only had my laboratory to work in, I could perfect this time machine."


  1. When the 'fever' grips you it's hard to resist isn't it lol!!! Glad you are over it now and your spare dolls will be finding new homes. I really have to control myself at times, last year I had no dolls, now I have nine, hope I don't see anymore I 'must' have!

  2. I was very proud of myself at work yesterday. I did glance at the toys and saw a Prince Charming Ken but only hesitated a minute before walking on.

    Maybe it's Dolly Madness rather than Fever!