Saturday, July 23, 2011

Now I Want a 1:12 Scale Dollhouse!

I decided to just glance at the toys before I clocked in for work and saw two very nice dollhouse sized dolls. I couldn't resist. Here they are, debagged. (They came with several small rabbits and a Minnie Mouse.)

Dr. and Mrs. Grayson

A little googling revealed them to be the Doug and Melissa Dollhouse Family (at least two members of the family--there are also a baby and a little girl available). They don't have jointed arms and legs but are quite bendy. I thought at first Dr. Grayson's clothes were homemade, since one pant leg is shorter than the other, but this is his original outfit. Mrs. Grayson is sold with a skirt and jacket. They are called a Victorian family but their clothing is definitely not Victorian.

Here they are posing in front of a small house that will belong to an Elf Doll.

I had a top that I knew would fit her, although the sleeves were way too long. I made a gathering stitch down each sleeve and shirred them up. Then I made a gathered skirt. We had decided we wanted them to be Steampunk, so I tried to make a corset for her out of a wide wired ribbon. It didn't quite work out as planned, but we liked it. Auntie Berman is going to paint black boots on her.

The strange dial thing on the right is one of Dr. Grayson's inventions and will go in his laboratory.

Behind them is a large picture of a pirate ship. I think Mrs. Grayson's outfit looks kind of piratey. At St. Vincent's, we noticed again a huge sailing ship on top of a display cabinet. It's at least 5 feet long and these dolls would easily fit in it. Fortunately, it is not for sale. It would require a whole room to put it in.

I have decided her name is Beatrice. She is named after Queen Victoria's daughter, not Fergie's. Her hair is a problem. I want to put it up but it's not quite long enough so the ends stick out. A closer examination revealed that her rooted hair only goes around the outside of her scalp. Inside, she's bald. Auntie Berman thinks we can make a wig for her. I think we should add hair to the middle. We will have to experiment.

Now we have to find a house for them.


  1. Another good find, I love hearing how you acquire your dolls and what you do with them. Hope you do get them a house.

  2. I had never had much interest in the 1:12 scale dolls or their houses, mainly because the dolls for them weren't very lovely. But when I saw these two I knew I had to have them and of course now I want them to have all sorts of things. I'm sure we'll find a house for them and where I'll put, I just don't know.