Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Knew This Would Get Out of Control

I seem to have acquired two more Barbies.

First, here's my Retro Barbie in her new dress. I named her Sabra (Auntie Berman's been reading Edna Ferber and we both thought it was a good name).

Before I had time to make her more clothes, we found ourselves out thrifting for a very noble cause: one of Auntie Berman's ESL students along with her sister, father, brother and baby were moving into an apartment and had nothing. Mrs. Smith contributed a bed and a small chest of drawers, we found a very nice sofa sitting on the curb near where we live, and we had to go thrifting to get things like sheets and towels for them. So we weren't just out wantonly looking for dollies.

That's just proof that good deeds are rewarded. Auntie Berman found a Kim Possible doll of her own at my store, Savers, and then we found three Barbies that we couldn't resist. One was an articulated Pocahontas, one was a Disney Jasmine, and the other was a very beautiful dark haired doll that we finally found out was one of the Princesses of the World - Japan doll.

The Japanese doll is wearing a nightclub outfit I made for Sabra that didn't turn out very well. Sabra is in the middle wearing the nightclub outfit that did turn out well, and Jasmine is wearing the dress she was in when we got her.

The Japanese doll is wearing the boxer shorts that I had for G.I. Joe before I made his jeans. They are kind of big for her and she would really like a nicer outfit.

Here they are all crowded into their room. At Goodwill we found two miniature games, Clue and Monopoly, that were keychains. There is a little drawer in each one with tiny game pieces.

I will try to make some of the hankie dresses from the Hankie Couture book. Here I've just pinned it around her waist.

Now I guess I will have to bring out the other two Kens from the shed and make them nice clothes and hope they don't look as dorky as I remember. And we'll still be a man short for the girls. It just never ends, does it?


  1. You are having a lot of fun with these Barbies! Well done for helping with the furniture, that was very kind of you both. Those little games sound interesting.

  2. It's amazing how much free furniture is out there. People leave things in alleys and dumpsters all the time. We had a good time doing it.