Friday, September 21, 2012

Ceddie Has a New Sister

I had been keeping an eye out for a sister for Ceddie, even though I knew I could never find anyone as adorable as Ced. Day before yesterday, though, I noticed a new doll sitting on the shelf in the Girls Toys section who was unusually pretty. She was all vinyl and on the back of her head was 2000 Unimax. I had never heard of Unimax. I thought about her all day. I told myself she was just a vinyl doll, nothing special. But she was awfully pretty. At one point she disappeared and I thought "Good, someone bought her," but a little later I found her dumped upside down into a rolling cart across the store. I took her back to the Toys section and put her underneath the stuffed animals where no one would find her.

She is wearing a dress that was obviously not made for her, but it looks very
nice on her. It has matching bloomers.
Now I had to decide if I should try to buy her that day or wait until Friday when the Good Supervisor was working. The supervisor that day was a new one who is trying very hard to follow all the rules, and one of the rules is that employees have to wait 2 days after a product is put out to buy it. I just knew someone would find and buy my dolly so I decided to give it a try. The NS (New Supervisor) balked at letting me buy anything, because we aren't supposed to buy things during our shift. But the Former Supervisor told her that evening shift people were allowed to buy on their breaks, because they couldn't very well buy things after the store closed. So she said okay and luckily never even thought to check the date, which is coded and requires some thought to decipher.

Ceddie seems to like his sister. She is obviously older than he is so he's still the baby.

"Look, we both fit in this basket with our teddies!"
I think I am going to name her Alexandra but it's not definite yet.

After much Googling, I have determined that she is an Anne Geddes Daffodil Baby or Bee Baby. I am glad she wasn't wearing either outfit or I might have dismissed her out of hand when I saw her. She has very nice glass eyes.

With her bent knees and arms, her body has Ceddie's "frog" look.
Meanwhile, I have not neglected (very much) Sunny. We found two raincoats for our girls at one of the thrift stores.

"Sunny, what are raincoats for?" "I don't know, Mendoza, but Auntie
gave me this wonderful apron."
It's not likely they will ever need them, but it never hurts to be prepared. We are going to set up a scene in Auntie Berman's shed where they can have their own furniture and toys.

You know how I wasn't going to get any more bears? Well, what would you do if you were in the Goodwill Bargain Bin and Auntie Berman spotted a Paddington? And the very next week at Salvation Army you found another Paddington? I think we know what you would do.

The first is an older Eden Paddington from 1975, still with his original tag (but missing his hat). The second is also Eden brand but from 1983. (Paddington put on a little weight between 1975 and 1983.) We have lots of felt and can make them new hats. The second Paddington's hat is torn and has autographs written on it.

The older one is unable to stand on his own.
And then I saw a couple of other bears that needed rescuing.

The right-hand bear was obviously much loved.
Now I must get ready for work, because who knows what (or who) is waiting for me there!


  1. Ceddie's sister is very pretty, another lucky find for you.

    I won a bear in a raffle, he was dressed as Paddington but his clothes weren't very well made so I took them off him. He lives in my wardrobe. I have another bear that lives in a cupboard, he was free with a tin of salmon so he lives in the cupboard I keep tins of food in.

    Looking forward to seeing what you and your Auntie Berman do with the shed, I've seen some lovely AG dolls rooms.

    1. Now that I really look at the older bear's coat, I can see it is a homemade version--the sleeves are too long and too tight, there aren't any pockets, the hood is way too small--but at least someone tried!

      I hope you let your wardrobe and cupboard bears out now and then for air. That's a good idea of where to keep bears when you get overwhelmed with them, as I so often do.

      Auntie Berman has some grandiose ideas of the AG girls' rooms. Well, we see a lot of suitable furniture so they may have some very nice living quarters soon.

  2. Your Alexandra is very sweet and with those glass eyes looks like a good quality doll. I think Ceddie remains my favourite - don't tell Alexandra though! Are they black ears on the 1975 Paddington? I don't recall seeing one like that. Thanks for checking up on me, I have been busy and just putting up a post on my blog now. Lizzie.

    1. Both Paddingtons have black ears! I was surprised too. He almost always has his hat on, so who knew?

      We will call Alexandra Zan for short. I unfortunately know two cross-dressers named Sandy, so I don't want to call her that! (One dresses like a high-class call girl and goes to the corner bar every weekend and the other is a customer at my store who dresses like a slovenly housewife.)

      Zan is even prettier in person than the pictures show. But Ceddie will always be his mother's Best Boy.

  3. Oh Audra, what a glorious new photo you have on your blog header - I just noticed when I was on your blog now to get another look at the marvellous Ceddie. I never get sick of looking at Sweet Sue and I love that spooky bunch at the front. A very well composed photo.

  4. Thanks, Lizzie. I have been meaning to redo my blog header for some time, after realizing that I didn't even have most of the dolls pictured in the old one. This was rather hastily done and afterwards I left out four dolls, my 10 inch goth kids that I'm working on. I will be blogging about them and the Mini Living Dead dolls in time for Halloween.

  5. Hi Audra. I discovered your blogs a couple of weeks ago and voraciously read thru them both. I love your collection of dolls and how you bring them to life. Your blogs really say a lot about you and I just can't keep from coming back and rereading them. What fun you and Auntie Berman and Mrs. Smith have! I wish I could join you. I too am crazy about dolls. You really inspire me. I hope you will continue to blog on here. I look forward to more news about your dolly community. Thank you.

  6. Thanks, Raine Crowe. I am getting inspired to blog again (I have lots of new dolls to blog about). I just have to sit down and DO it!