Friday, June 21, 2013

More Wiggings

I've gone through several 18 inchers over the last year but realized I had to cut back on them, so I settled on having Sunny and Meriel, and two Our Generation girls from Battat. The first was Winter Rose.

Sunny and Winter Rose
Our Generation girls are noted for their bad hair. So first I tried cutting it.

Merry with her curls and Winty with her bob.
It was actually pretty cute. Then I got Haila, a blonde Our Generation girl. Apparently I didn't take any pictures of her with her original hair. Basically, she looked like Winty only with blonde hair. After I rewigged Merry, I got the urge to rewig more dolls. So I took the two wigs I got from the Doll Parts place and tried them on Winty and Haila. A new type of Dolly Fever was born -- Dolly Wigging Fever!

These clothes are all tagged Battat but they seem a bit tight.
I had to cut off their hair close to the scalp, because they had rooted hair, not wigs.

As an added bonus, Auntie Berman repainted their lips a more pleasing color.

Now I took a good look at my 14 inch hard plastic girls. We had been picking up wigged porcelain dolls when we could and had quite a collection.

Sally before

Sally after

Noelle before

Noelle after
Penny before
Penny after

I am keeping my eye out for another wig for Penny. I like this one except it had a circlet of roses glued on it and when I tried to get them off (heating the glue with a blow dryer), a lot of the glue just melted and got caught in her hair. But I like the style.

And now for my two masterpieces. We found Caroline at the Salvation Army Warehouse, dumped in with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Even though she's not my usual type, being vinyl and from the 60s, I had to rescue her.

Caroline before
(She has a bad case of Green Ear, but we try to ignore it.)

She was dressed as a bride

Well it seems Caroline was really meant to be a blonde!

Bouncy blonde curls!
Later, we found Juliet, I think at Goodwill Bargain Bin. She was dressed as a bride too.

The rejected bride

She has jointed knees
She is also made of vinyl, and from the markings on the back of her neck, I found out she is a Valentine Doll and is a ballerina. She has a tiny touch of Green Ear, but nothing like Caroline has. Her transformation was amazing.

This is the True Me!

And then there was Baby Barry, now named Gwennie. I wasn't real crazy about her but now I like her a lot.

"Help! My hair's coming off!"

"I like my brown hair."
And that is all the wiggings I have done so far.


  1. I do love your before and after makeover photos of your girls. I tried to get more info on Twin Pines wig rejuvenating products but they never answered my email so I didn't get any. I wanted to know how they didn't wet the fabric part of the wig cap when they washed the wigs. It looks fairly frail so some of my 50's girls still have ratty hair. Is Juliet wearing one of the swimsuits you made recently?

  2. I've always heard good things about Twin Pines but that wasn't very nice of them not to reply to you. I think they have a product that is supposed to cure Green Ear, but I'm not going to get it.

    I got Penny's new wig cap wet when I tried to remove the glue but it didn't seem to hurt it. I don't see how you could not get the cap wet. The wig caps on the older girls do look really frail, like they're about to disintegrate but I keep them because, well, what if I ever needed them!

    Yes, Juliet is wearing a new swimsuit that I made and ALMOST matched the stripes. And now I remember (Auntie Berman reminded me) that we got her at Salvation Army. She was in the glass case and things had fallen on her and she was only $2!

  3. Your rewigging adventures sure look fun. The girls look great. I especially like Juliet's new look. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I couldn't believe what an improvement new hair made for both Juliet and Caroline. It made a big difference in the way I feel about them. Now I really want to make them nice clothes.