Thursday, January 9, 2014


UPS kept NOT updating the Tracking on her until last night, finally, it said she had arrived in Sparks, Nevada (where the UPS center is) at 9:28 p.m. I briefly considered rushing over there and pounding on their doors and making them give her to me. This morning Tracking said she had gone Out For Delivery at 3:30 a.m. Then I had to go somewhere until 11 a.m., at which time I stopped in our park office and asked the landlord if she had arrived. I explained it was my Christmas dolly I was expecting. He looked a bit baffled (not a doll person, obviously!) and said no, UPS hadn't come yet. So I went home and planned to call in a few hours, but at 12:30 the dear man called me and said she was here!

First photo
Out of the plastic
I wasted no time opening her. She was well secured with twist ties but I made short work of them.

Our first selfie
She is going to be Steampunk and Biggie Sis had suggested Temerity as a name. I like it. It's a Steampunk Virtue name. Her full name is Temerity Jane and she wants to be an airship pilot when she grows up.

Meeting Maria
I introduced her to Maria. I can see now that Maria is younger than Tem, but I think that will work out well. Everyone should have a big or little sister! Or both.

"How was your journey?" asked Maria.
Then we tried on a couple of hats.

This is pretty
And so is this
Maria tries on Tem's hat
I haven't yet taken off her clothes. I was pretty mentally exhausted by then and Tem, Maria, and I had to take a nap at that point. Maria wants to have some Victorian clothes, Steampunk or otherwise, and I will work on them tomorrow. I need to start looking seriously at patterns and fabric and dust off the sewing machine!


  1. As always a pleasure to read, and how nice of the man to call you! Temerity is so lovely, and her clothes and hat adorable. Can't wait to see the Victorian clothes you're going to create, have fun!

  2. Ideas are swirling around in my head! I need to pick something and work on it and see how it turns out.

  3. Oh I love her in those hats! What fun you will have making things for her. What is the quality of her hair like and could you style her hair?

    Even her box is pretty and I love that slightly spooky painting of her inside the box.

  4. Her hair seems to be very nice and made for styling. Too bad I am so bad at hair! But I will give it a try. It is pulled back and fastened with an elastic band and will stay that way for a while. I may get brave and try a French braid. I tried that with Lorraine but she has really terrible hair.

    Now I am determined to sew SOMETHING for her today!

  5. Good to read that your Temerity has reached you safely. Yay! Fun to see her and Maria swop hats. (Cool you, having a Sasha doll - that's one of the few outside 1:6 scale dolls I find adorable ;-D)

    Looking forward to your outfits for these young people ;-)

    1. I didn't like the first Sasha I found (got her and sold her) but when I found Maria I wanted her. I wish they didn't look so sad! I just made both girls simple A-line shifts from SashaSecrets and will start on the Steampunk outfits next week.