Monday, January 6, 2014

And a Little More Catching Up


There was a day back in November when all sorts of little things seemed to go wrong. Nothing major--just things like I had forgotten to put the basket in the coffee pot before putting in the filter so there were coffee grounds all over; I almost ran over a bicyclist on the way to work and even though I tried to tell myself it was his fault, I knew it wasn't (he knew it wasn't too but just looked resigned); and I spilled my coke all over my lap as I got out to go into work. "I must be very careful today," I told myself. "No sudden moves." So I worked away cautiously and as I was checking on the Collectibles (to make sure nothing was out of place, of course, not to look at dollies) I saw HER:

I knew at once she was Special
Who could she be? Not a Barbie, obviously. I looked under her skirt and saw she was made by the same company that made Spideyman! I do have an eye for the best, don't I? Now my dilemma: should I attempt to buy her now and hope Mark the new supervisor didn't notice that she had just come out that day or should I wait until she'd been out for 48 hours? Remember, I had been having a Bad Day and I didn't want to jinx anything. I decided to go ahead and try to buy her. It occurred to me that my Bad Day had actually started the night before when I set the coffee maker up, so maybe the curse was over. And what was the worst that could happen? Mark would just say no, I couldn't buy her. So seizing the day, or something, I took her up to the cash register on my break and good ol' Mark never even looked at the date. And I would like to add that the curse ended then and there.

Once I got her home I had to undress her, where I discovered that she and Spideyman/Nigel have the same problem--detached, duct-taped leg syndrome.

Arwen wishes to put her dress back on
A little googling revealed her to be Arwen from Lord of the Rings. When I first got Spidey and was looking him up, I found mostly LOTR dolls made by that company and I remember thinking, "Oh, I'd never want one of them!" I really think the best dolls are the totally unexpected ones that just come to us.

I was inspired by her to reattach Nigel's head to his original body and duct tape his leg on. Girly Man was happy to have his body back.
Spidey doesn't mind too much that he can't sit down now.
"How careless of the human to lose my tiara!"
Yes, somehow I lost her tiara while I was redressing her. I am hoping it will turn up but I may have to get her a new one.


"I'm not even going to look at the doll wall," I told myself, "because a very special girl is coming to live with us next week." But somehow one caught my eye.

The poor girl had no shirt but her pants are original. I think she is the cutest Mulan I've seen. Her hair's a bit wild so I put a headband on it.

"Ahoy, matey"

 She has told me she wants to be a pirate girl so I'm trying to think of a piratey name for her.

And Coming Up:

Amelia, a Girl For All Time, is coming to live with us, thanks to Biggie Sis!! She is expected to arrive on Thursday. I hope they wrapped her in a blanket since she's coming from the heart of the Polar Vortex. She will be glad to get to civilization and semi-warmth.


  1. Glad to read Arwen ended your cursed day :-). I hope you'll find her tiara. LUCKY YOU to have Amelia in the house soon! I love the the girl for all time dolls, and the clothes are just amazing! I really would want a Clementine myself. Looking forward to see your Amelia!

    1. A dolly find will definitely end a cursed day!

      I thought I wanted Clementine (and I still do), but Biggie Sis has Matilda, Auntie Berman has Clementine, and I kept looking at Amelia pictures and realized I wanted her. And I'm really looking forward to doing some Steampunk clothes for her.

  2. I love Mulan - even with her wild hair. I hope your new girl gets to you soon. No polar vortex is gonna stop a doll delivery!

    1. Every time I look at Mulan I have to smile (she's sitting by my computer, offering advice)!

      I wish there was better tracking for Amelia--the last I heard she had left Illinois on Monday. Now I realize that was only yesterday. Am I overly anxious or what!

  3. Congrats on your pretty Mulan and your Arwen. And Arwen with her crown - that was luck indeed ;-)

    I was wondering where you got the silver mini when duh I realized that the "silver mini skirt" was duct tape. Covers eyes in embarrassment. I have a ToyBiz Gandalf, but his legs/hip area are fine so far. He's one of my best posers ...

    Sending positive vibes that Amelia arrives safely and soon, D7ana

  4. Arwen with her crown that I lost! What kind of a dolly mama am I? Now I'll have to get her a real diamond tiara. And I actually thought she was wearing some sort of mini skirt when I first took off her dress. Duct tape can make very attractive clothes.

    Gandalf is wonderful. I wish I were that limber!

  5. Hey I know this is really long after you posted this, but what company makes the Arwen doll do you know? I used to have one when I was little and it got taken :/ any info about her would be much appreciated!

  6. She has 2001 NLP INC. Marvel Ent Inc on her leg. (the one that comes off, fortunately for me so I could read it) and there is currently one listed on eBay at

    There are several listings for her. Most of the listings claim she is 11 or 12 inches tall, she's actually only 10. I couldn't find out a lot about her when I was looking.

    And I gave Spideyman and Mary Jane to my supervisor's little boy, who loves all things Spidey!