Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MGA Dolls: Moxies and 4-Ever Best Friends

I got the 4-Ever BF doll last summer. I thought she was very different and very cute. I didn't know who she was and emailed the MGA people, who kindly identified her for me. I named her Jade.

"I just hate posing like this."
It's okay. Dolls are used to being photographed naked. They don't really mind. She is 9 1/2 inches tall and doesn't really "go" with any of my other dolls. I had fun dressing her in various outfits I already had. Here I made her pose barefoot in the snow in December.

"Right! I don't feel a thing."

This was a black felt skirt and top with a sailor hat.

"A snap instead of a pin would have been nice. And ribbons on the hat.
But I'm not complaining because I was naked for so long."
I introduced her to some of my other dolls but she wasn't very impressed. Here she is talking to her cousin Mimsi (Auntie Berman's Pottery Barn doll).

"Grown-ups sure are weird!"
One of my little doll's Indian outfit was just the right size, surprisingly.

Jade and Alouette get along surprisingly well together,
considering the difference in their backgrounds.
Then last week at the store, I noticed some of the bagged-up dolls. At first I thought they were Bratz dolls, which I think are hideously ugly with their oversized heads and slutty-girl makeup. But these were nice looking, normal-sized head dolls. The only bad thing about them is that their feet come off and most of the ones we get in the store don't have feet.

The brunette had two feet when I got her. She was in a bag with a Barbie and I traded the Barbie with another blonde Moxie in another bag (which also contained a Barbie), and somehow a foot got lost along the way. I got that blonde for Auntie Berman (who is going to turn her into I Dream of Jeannie) and later we decided we each wanted a blonde and a brunette, and Mrs. Smith wanted one too, so we all went back and I asked about the foot but apparently it was irretrievably lost and gone forever. We each ended up with two dolls. Mrs. Smith found a two-doll Bratz carrying case in the purse section of the store and was quite pleased with herself.

Jade and her two new sisters.
The blonde's hair was very long and very snarled. I soaked her hair in fabric softener overnight (after googling "untangle doll hair") but it was still quite a mess, so I cut it. Auntie Berman and Mrs. Smith watched in horror as I chopped away and both were amazed that I did such a good job. Auntie Berman's dark-haired Moxie has even worse hair and I am soaking her head right now.

Today Mrs. Smith came over and somehow in the conversation she said something like "I have two dolls and I'm not getting any more." Auntie Berman and I laughed and laughed. We assured her that she would. She said "Wanta bet?" and we said yes, but she never specified what the bet was.

A few minutes later she came inside and saw my little Julia doll (see http://dollieswithholesintheirstockings.blogspot.com/ ) and said "I think I'll start collecting some of these little dolls, because I had to take the ones I had back to my mom. So I asked her if she wanted Julia, because I hadn't gotten attached to her yet and she said sure.

It wasn't until she was heading for the gate that I said "You lost the bet!" She tried to claim I had tricked her, but I really hadn't. It wasn't like we went out and bought a doll and gave it to her, specifically so she'd lose the bet. It had all happened naturally and in less than 15 minutes from the time she had said she wasn't getting any more dolls.


  1. Hi Audra! I love this story. Isn't it fun how people who do NOT consider themselves doll collectors or doll enthusiasts slide into the hobby? A doll here and a doll there. Bam! A collector is born, lol.

    But ssssshhhh, we won't tell hey?

  2. Slide? I think I was pushed! My sister is a terrible enabler. We are very bad for each other.