Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Mysterious Blue Doll

I had noticed a very blue Barbie type doll at the store. She was sitting on the shelf instead of being bagged (which meant that some dreadful child had unbagged her). She had a built-in bathing suit and a moon and stars on her front above the bathing suit in a necklace-like pattern and she had holes in her back where we figured she had had wings. She was there for a few days and then Auntie Berman came in, saw her and liked her, and we got her. We also noticed that her faced looked just like our friend (and my supervisor at the store) Miss T. (I like to disguise people's real names in this blog, to protect their innocence. Although to tell the truth, Mrs. Smith's name really is Mrs. Smith, a fact that amuses us so much that we call her that.)

Anyway, we brought the Blue Barbie home and tried to find out about her on the internet. She had 2006 Mattel on the back of her neck and on her lower back. I couldn't find anything about her very blue skin. Then this morning Auntie Berman called up and said she was no longer blue! I had to go over and see for myself. We began to doubt our collective sanity.

I googled some more and found Barbie Fairytopia dolls. Some of them, apparently, had hair that would turn different colors when wet. But what about her skin? I found a description of one that said she had blue skin and reminded the woman of a corpse.  This Barbie had had fairly dark blue skin. Then Auntie Berman said she (Blue Barbie) had been sitting in a dark corner, so maybe sunlight had something to do with it. I decided to experiment.

After half an hour in the sun, I decided she wasn't going to Turn. I decided to try the Water Test next.

Not a pretty picture but I had to weigh her down with something. So far, no results.

Here is a picture of her trying to look normal.

I guess I'll have to write to Mattel.

Meanwhile, we had a very good thrifting day yesterday.  At Easter Seals I found a brand-new-in-the-package American Girl raincoat for Lorraine.

Fortunately it's fairly warm out, since Lorraine still has no shoes. American Girl doll shoes are supposed to fit, but I've found that her feet are too fat for them.

Last week I found a wonderful red-haired doll at work. As a person of formerly red hair, I am usually disappointed by dolls with red hair. They are either a fakey red or the doll is ugly. But this doll, who turned out to be Kim Possible (a secret agent cartoon character) was cute and had reasonably real red hair. She has bendy legs and an impossibly small waist and she is 10 inches tall. The thing on her arm is her kimmunicator.

I made her a skirt. Her kimmunicator comes off but I'm afraid I'll lose it so that's why she's still wearing it.

I suppose Auntie Berman is going to rave on about how she kindly picked me up from work that night and had to wait an hour and she desperately needed to use the facilities and finally I brought this doll over to the window and held it up and she was thrilled and then I finally came out and offered her the doll and then quickly said that I really wanted her for myself and I was only asking to be polite.

And now I must get back to sewing for all my dolls. I forgot to mention that we found another 4-Ever Best Friends doll at Easter Seal and got her and then Auntie Berman didn't really want her, so now I have two. So I decided they are twin sisters who have been reunited after being sent to different orphanages. We also seemed to have picked up more Moxie Girlzr. Two of them we got just for their feet, but of course I can't just get rid of them because they're footless and I don't want them. I am going to experiment with their hair, which is pretty snarled up. I guess we can always use them for parts.


  1. Well, first of all I have never doubted my sanity. I am quite sure I have none. Next, it is cruel to show me pictures of how you tortured my doll while I was working. But darn it, I do wish she would turn blue again and stay that way! As for the night I waited an hour for you then didn't get the cute doll, I will not even comment -- but you have to live with yourself and I hope you are sooooo sorry you were sooooo mean (but I know you aren't).

  2. We have found out she is a Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow Lumina Doll and I have emailed Mattel to find out how to make her blue again. They are supposed to respond within 24 hours, but responding doesn't necessarily answer the question. They will probably just acknowledge my question and then I'll have to wait some more.

  3. You certainly have some good adventures with your dolls. Hope you do find out how to make the barbie doll go blue again!