Saturday, May 7, 2011

Head Transplant and a New MGA Doll

Auntie Berman had a Queen Amidala doll from a thrift shop, but since we are fascinated by articulated dolls, she wanted QA to have an articulated body. After googling and reading about "Remove Barbie Head" I felt qualified to do the job. I found an articulated body Barbie at work.

Now, my little pretty, you are going to lose your head.
I turned the blow dryer on her neck for a while and using a small flat screwdriver, pried the head hook out. You have to look closely to see the brown hook coming out of her neck.

Don't worry. She didn't feel a thing.
Now Queen Amidala has a different, more difficult hook and I considered just snipping the hook with wire cutters or something, but then the poor Barbie wouldn't have a body. So with perseverence and using the blow dryer again, I got the hook out and switched heads. This is kind of a blurry picture but it's the best I could do.

Look, Your Majesty, you can move your elbows, wrists, chest, and ankles!
I put clothes on the Barbie's new body. I don't know what I'll do with her. Maybe practice face painting.

Good as new!

Barbie's body is a little more well developed than QA's, so the dress was kind of a tight fit around the top.

A few days ago I saw a very pretty MGA doll at work and had to get her. She is an Addison from the BFC Ink dolls. She has a slightly different body style than the MGA 4-Ever Best Friends, but I think she and Jade will be have fun together.

Jade and the Addison doll.
I'd better start making more clothes.


  1. Queen Amidala is sooo happy. Now she can sit on her throne. We are a good team, I take care of the dolls' hair and you take care of the head transplants. Nice work!

  2. I bet QA is really happy, she got articulated joints AND a bigger chest. WOW!

  3. Yeah, Angel, too bad this doesn't happen in real life! LOL