Monday, April 25, 2011

New Hair - Update

UPDATE! Her name is Michaela.

We went to Walmart and to our delight, they had Liv wigs, sold separately, for $5.99. Auntie Berman kindly bought the Liv dolly a long blonde wig. We were all thrilled with the results.

Now if I could just think of the right name for her.

She will need a bigger hat, now. This one's a little too small now. I took the tiny rubber bands out of her hair.


  1. Sooo glad you didn't have to settle for a blue hair wig (as if).
    She has so much expression with articulated hands and lets and she looks very nice with her long(er) hair. She might need a hat like some that were seen at the recent Royal Wedding (you know which ones I'm talking about!),

  2. I really enjoyed meeting your dolls. My last doll was a Skipper...until I grew up...and until the economic turn-down I bought any doll--especially bride dolls that I wanted. Now I'm interested in buying ones at auction that need TLC and rehabing them.

  3. Michaela is NOT going to have a Princess Beatrice hat, no matter what you think.

    I used to have a Skipper, along with my Barbies, and a Tutti and Todd (I had to look that up to see what the girl's name was). They had a little ice cream parlor setting. If only I still had that furniture . . .

  4. Congrats on getting a new wig for your pretty LIV doll!

    I recently picked up a cute doll that had pretty eyes at a garage sale. I later found out she was a LIV doll and that she needed a wig! Luckily I found her a wig at Good Will! I think they are lovely dolls and I hope I find more of them!