Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In 2008 I saw a picture of Effanbee's 18" Gloria Ann and fell in love. I thought (and think) she's the most beautiful doll in the world. This was the worst case of Dolly Fever I ever had. I wanted her. Desperately. My dear, sweet sisters chipped in and bought her for me for Christmas after some tense moments on eBay. I named her Lorraine.

Lorraine wearing a My Twinn dress

Here is an email from Auntie Berman from December 8, 2008:

The first time I saw Lorraine,
She had just stepped off the train,
She gazed about in vain,
Poor Lorraine.

 Lorraine sighed and tapped her right foot impatiently. She had been in transit for days now and was hungry and tired. Most of all, she wanted to get this stupid plastic bag off her face. Honestly, did no one think of anyone but himself or herself anymore? If only they knew who she really was, they would never treat her like this!

Once she was “delivered” and could breathe properly, she would have a nice ham sandwich, a quick smoke and lounge about in her robe. She hoped there would be a robe, she did like to relax in comfortable but attractive clothing. And dresses. She wanted dresses and lots of them. With shoes to match. Nice underwear. At least one coat and a cape. A fur would be nice. Hats. Perhaps some gloves…

Lorraine sighed again. WHERE IS MY MOMMY?

Oh, here she comes…
Now this may make Lorraine sound like a spoiled brat, but she really isn't. She is her mommy's little sweetheart.

I made a few clothes for her.

Summer Dress
Spring hoodie coat
I really need to make her many more clothes, because she deserves them. She also needs shoes, but her feet are larger than most 18" dolls.  If we get to the Doll & Teddy Bear Show this weekend, I will get her some.


  1. I just found this other blog of yours! Love the Lorraine story! The petticoat I made is from the Rosemarie Ionker book, I love making it, I've made three so far.

    Looking forward to reading all your blog.

  2. I had totally forgotten my Lorraine poem and story. I do remember she was not easy to find and there was some drama about whether or not we would get her...

  3. She is so lovely!

    How nice of your sisters to give her to you which I'm sure makes her even more special to you!

  4. I have realized that Lorraine is my absolute favorite doll! Barbies come and go but Lorraine is special (and so are my sisters). I also realized after I wrote this that Lorraine is 21" tall and that's why it's so hard to find shoes for her.