Friday, April 22, 2011


Lulu was not a result of Dolly Fever. One of our dumpster-diving friends found her in the Harley-Davidson trash and brought her to me. I think she was somebody's Motorcycle Mama who was cast aside in favor of a Barbie doll.

Lulu has a cloth body with head, arms, and legs covered in papier mache, apparently home made. The skin on her arms and legs looks like she has leprosy. Her dress is handmade and I had to cut a few stitches to get it off her. Underneath, she is wearing a lovely little slip with Xs embroidered on it.  (They are pink and are too faint to see in the picture.) Underneath that, which I couldn't remove without cutting it off her, is an undershirt and underpants.

I found a nice black velvet dress that fit her, and she wore it all winter.

Gordy, Lulu, and Lorraine
Lulu and Gordy have become very good friends. Gordy is also a dumpster refugee. Lorraine doesn't really understand this concept, since she has always been a wanted doll, but she tries to be sympathetic.

Auntie Berman has promised to try redoing Lulu's hair with Delta Texture Magic. She might also be able to smooth out the boots and arms and legs.



  1. Lulu certainly is unique -- and so is her relationship with Gordy but she doesn't want to discuss it. I wonder how old she is? Soon she will be perked up with revived hair and boots!
    Meanwhile, in this picture Lorraine looks like she is a few sheets to the wind -- better check the vodka level in the bottle.

  2. I thought she looked a little um, laid back, myself. But I didn't want to say anything.