Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do You Ever Have Conversations With Yourself Like This?

At the Salvation Army Warehouse up Valley Road:

Me:  Oh, I like that Barbie!

Myself: You don't need any more Barbies. You just got rid of a dozen of them.

Me: But she's really pretty and she looks kind of wistful. And she has a smudge on her nose.

Myself: You can't start collecting Barbies again. You have two and you promised No More!

Me: I like the way her hair's been cut, even if it is a little uneven. She doesn't have any bite marks on her or gouges on her leg, like that other Barbie.

Myself: Absolutely not.

Me: I don't really like the color of her lips but I could repaint them.

Myself: You'll never get around to doing it.

Me: Ann just got a Barbie. I should get a Barbie.

Myself: That's Ann's one and only Barbie. She doesn't compulsively buy Barbies.

Me: She might start, now that she has one.

Although this conversation seems to last a long time, it only took a few moments to go through my mind and I was asking Auntie Berman's opinion. Auntie Berman said weakly, "Well, if you really like her . . . " Later she said "Now I suppose you'll have to get a Ken to go with her."

Of course the Barbie was naked so I wrapped her in a scarf Auntie Berman bought. I think this may be a Bob Mackie 2005 Holiday Barbie. She has 2005 on the back of her neck and 1999 on the back of her waist. There is also what appears to be a serial number above the 1999.

She actually looks very nice in purple, so maybe I shouldn't try to repaint her lips.


  1. I know that feeling well, and she is a very pretty Barbie, love her hair do, very up to date.
    I did look in our local charity shops but luckily (or unluckily) there wasn't a Barbie to be seen!

  2. Yes, I know that conversation well :)

  3. I've got another post to do about Lorraine but then I'll do one on the NEXT Barbie I got!

  4. I have had plenty of those type of conversations myself LOL!

    I think she is pretty!