Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Bathing Suit for Lorraine

I know it's the wrong time of year, but when I saw this little bathing suit (size 18 months) at the thrift shop I thought of Lorraine.

I had already started to cut it apart when I thought to take a picture.
It seemed like it would be very simple to cut it down for her.

I cut off the side seams, turned it inside out, and folded it in half.

Then I sewed up the center to make it smaller across her chest. I didn't want to move the straps, so that's why I didn't cut down the sides to make it smaller.

Then I draped it over her to see how it was fitting.

Much too long. I folded it half again and cut down the leg holes.

Then I turned under the raw edges on the leg openings and sewed up the sides. Auntie Berman suggested tying the two upper straps behind her neck, instead of trying to cut down the straps to make them fit, so I cut them off where they joined the back of the suit.

Yes, I know the print on the back of the suit is upside down, but that's the way it was originally.

I didn't want to cover up her swim suit after I just made it, but it's kind of cold so I put her seersucker capris (which is what she was wearing when I got her) on her and added a little bolero vest from an American Girl.

I think she's almost smiling!


  1. She looks very stylish! And I'm impressed with your tailoring for dollies.....I remember trying to make doll clothes from socks when I read an article about it in a women's mag. when I was about 8 in Wyoming.

  2. In order to comment, apparently I have to choose Google (I have an account there that I don't really use at all), then Preview...I have to sign into the gMail account, then post comment.....convoluted but it worked!

    Then and only then do I get a nonsense word to type in, then publish....

  3. What a good idea, well done, it looks great.

    Guess what? I was given a Barbie, a Kelly and three Stacies! How's that for a bit of luck!

  4. Dorriebelle at has some very good patterns to make doll clothes out of socks. Much nicer than just cutting holes in the sides for arms.

    And Ann, congratulations on your new dolls. See, once you get one, others follow!