Friday, December 2, 2011

I Was Going To Do An Arm Transplant

With this doll to replace Jordan's rather flattened hand. But then I kept looking at the poor girl and decided  I'd like to try re-rooting her hair.

She looks a fright, doesn't she? But she's still smiling. Her hair had been chopped off and she had ink all over it, as well as on her face. The ink didn't come off with peanut butter, like some inks do. I removed her head, pouring almost boiling water on her neck to loosen it. I cut the hair as closely as I could all over her head. Then I used a small crochet hook and long tweezers to remove her hair from the inside. It takes a long time to do this.

I had various types of doll hair that I thought would work but threading them through a darning needle proved difficult, if not impossible. I was getting quite bored with it all and started looking at a roll of brown  hair that I think was meant to be piled on top of someone's head. I got out my glue gun and went to work.

It's a bit poufier than I like, but she's seems happy with it. I couldn't think of a way to make it lie down without getting a lot of glue in it. This is the back.

I need to trim the glue off of it. She can either be a 40s style girl or an 80's Big Hair girl.

Meanwhile, Pollyanna Sunshine now has a middy blouse to wear, and Auntie Berman found this nice red sandals for her.


  1. I think she's definitely an '80's kinda girl...maybe with the longer filmy skirt cut shorter so it's the same as the underskirt?

    Those red sandals are adorable and the middy blouse is really special since it picks up the blue in her eyes!

  2. That was very brave of you! I would have just made her wear a hat - lol!!!

    Polyanna Sunshine looks very happy with her top and lovely red shoes, but she always does look happy.

    Check your mail box soon.

  3. Oh, maybe I will dress her in a Flashdance kind of way, with tights and leg warmers and a big slouchy top. The dress is one we got at a thrift shop, just for any doll who needed it, but I think you're right, it would look better with the overskirt cut off.

    I don't think I'll be trying re-rooting again. It wasn't very much fun. I never thought of just making her wear a hat! The other girls probably would have made fun of her if I had.

    Little Sunshine actually needs a bigger skirt. That one barely meets in back.

    And I'm looking forward to my Surprise, Ann.