Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Am So Far Behind

Ann at Small Sewing sent me these wonderful knitted outfits for my Barbies!

Bobbie, Jordan, Sabra, and Roxy show off their new outfits.
The girls are posing in front of our Christmas tree. We didn't plan to have a tree but while walking the dogs, Auntie Berman and I found a perfectly good fresh-cut tree behind some garbage cans in an alley. A week later it was still there (since our garbagemen are loathe to take anything they don't have to, except if it's two bags of leaves that Auntie Berman put in front of our neighbor Sheila's gate so Sheila could take them to work and feed the wild horses. Then the garbagemen cheerfully haul the extra bags away. But I digress . . .) So we dragged the tree home and set it up on my porch. Then, of course, we had to go to thrift stores to get ornaments! It was a win-win situation.

A few weeks ago I got another Barbie. She was at my store and I didn't even ask Auntie Berman if I should get her. I just said "I want her."

I think she's a Holiday Barbie.
The picture doesn't do her justice but I'm having camera problems.

Then, a few days later, I saw him!

I wasn't sure at first if he was a girl or a guy. He was bagged with wonderful clothes, a boombox, teeny little CDs, and cellphone. He is a Mattel Flava doll. He was wearing this coat when I saw him.

Sabra likes his coat but she thinks he's a little weird.
Oddly enough, his hat was sewn to his head. I took out the stitches but I think he looks better with the hat on. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture with his hat off and I'm not going to fight with my camera again (it actually needs new batteries).

We found the red hatbox at one of the thrift shops. I didn't realize till I got it home that it was filled with things--a passport, camera, money, and a couple of things I'm not sure about.

How cute is this!
G.I. Joe and Kyle aren't sure what to think of him. They are keeping their distance for now.

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  1. You do get some lucky finds, the houses, dolls and now a tree! You are right about the garbage men, when my son was little they even took his pushchair just because it was near my bin, bet they wouldn't have taken it if I had wanted them to.