Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back to the Bigger Dolls

Several months ago I signed up for the Maker's Mark website (I think I got something free when I did). I've never tried their Kentucky Bourban but they often send me free things and recently I received a sweater from them, apparently to put on my whisky bottle. It was too big for Pollyanna Sunshine but it just fit Lorraine!

"I don't think I like being a walking advertisement for liquor! But it is warm."
Over a week ago at work I saw an older, hard plastic doll in our store. She was in a hatbox with three smaller hard plastic dolls and was priced at $29.99. I was surprised no one showed any interest in her (she was kept behind the jewelry counter with the Special Things That Cost More) and I only had one person ask to look at her while I was on duty. Then last Friday when I went in to work, I was handed a Christmas card with a Bonus Check in it (and I really hadn't thought I would get a bonus since I hadn't been there a whole year yet), so I decided to get her. And because she was marked as a toy and not a collectible, I got her for half price! And because my HLP was returning a pair of shoes (they turned out to be two right feet and the left ones couldn't be found), we got a store credit and so really the dolls didn't cost me anything at all.

I'm pretty sure she's a Sweet Sue, just like my other Sweet Sue (I think I named her Penny), only in much better condition. I couldn't find any markings on her (Penny has AC on the back of her neck, which stands for American Character). But many Sweet Sues weren't marked. I have named her Sally.

Sally and Penny liked each other right away.
Sally wants a cowgirl outfit too.

Sally's dress looks like an original 1950s dress. She has matching panties. I have to find her some shoes because she's barefoot. Penny is wearing a skirt and vest of suede and a gingham blouse. I made these for her last week. HLP, pulling a sticker off a banana, thought she needed some sort of badge on her vest so he added the Del Monte sticker. Penny's face needs repainting. I got her from eBay at a bargain price, because her face had been messed up. I removed the bad paint but haven't yet tried repainting her.

Her eBay picture.
Here is a close-up of her face when I got her.

That's not lipstick on her face!
I had to use acetone to get the paint off and that's why her face looks kind of dull. But it's a great improvement over what she did look like.


  1. Audra, What size is your newer Sweet Sue? She is really pretty. Great find!

  2. She is 14 inches tall. At first I thought "Oh, I don't want another doll like that. Some doll collector will buy her."

    Well, some doll collector did--me!

  3. Love the sweater, who cares if it advertises.

    The new dolls are fabulous, I love the look of the older dolls. Really like the cowgirl outfit, it suits Penny. You did a good job of removing the bad paint job n her face.