Friday, November 4, 2011

The Graysons Move Into Their New Home

Due to impending bad weather, I went ahead and moved the new doll house inside without waiting to repaint. If you click on the pictures you can see how poorly it is painted.

The Greenleaf website shows this house divided into four rooms, but they would be awfully tiny rooms, I think. So we will say this is just a small part of their huge mansion and someday maybe they really will have a huge mansion.

This is the left side of the downstairs. I was going to put the fireplace back in the corner but unfortunately I have misplaced the fireplace. I'm sure it will turn up.

Tiffany thinks carpeting would be nice.
"I know we're supposed to be babysitting, but let's party!"
The girl in the purple hat is another mini Liv doll. She and Tiffany are best friends. The little boy is a mini Bratz boy. We accidentally lost one of his feet on the way home. He is Dr. Grayson's son from a previous marriage, which Dr. Grayson forgot to tell Mrs. Grayson about. The first Mrs. Grayson died under Mysterious Circumstances.

"I had so many things on my mind when we got married that I forgot to mention Evelina. She died in a tragic accident."
Dr. Grayson has a lovely cloak made of soft vinyl. It may have been for a Batman figure.

"I understand, Dr. Grayson," said Beatrice. "And I'm sure Cedran and the baby will like having a big brother."

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